A Little Lesson in Spelling


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Haha. The "a lot" description was probably my favorite, though they all are amusingly helpful to new writers. Good find. =P
I'm glad definitely was on there. On things like Facebook and AIM I would estimate people spell that word correctly about 15% of the time. "Defiantly" is my favorite misspelling of definitely, because you know they think it's right only because there's no red underline.
i love the oatmeal.

why you should eat horses instead of ride them and the pony riding techniques are great tools everyone should learn.

and keeping your tyrannosaurus off of crack-cocaine is a serious epidemic that deserves more PSA time.

and this one is relevant to this thread: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe
Scored 90 or so,not bad.A question for American guys,are these mistakes common for American people?Or are these links mostly for non-native english speakers?

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