A lot of issues with iPhone users.

1. Very hard to register. Took me a week to get the register button.
2. Cannot chat with opponent.
3. The controls feel "sticky". Takes a few presses to work.
4. Unreliable. Can't go into sleep mode for a moment without having to reconnect.
5. Crashing in teambuilder, thus having to start again, only to crash again. Being forced to use text import/export.
6. Closing window/tab logs out, and erases team.
7. A bit of lag/loss of frame rate in some battles, having to close the window which means I have to paste my team, and username again.

I love the site, and would continue to use it with these problems, but I would like to address them.
On teams being deleted: make sure you don't have cookies disabled and that you don't delete them.

Insofar as chatting with the opponent, it's simply the small screen size; in fact, I think you'd find it an inconvenience if you could do so.

Your phone can't run tabs in the background. Only a computer can do that.

Lag is normal.
I do have experience with Showdown on the iPhone. I myself use a iPhone 3GS at school, and although The main Showdown server is blocked, I can access some other servers, which should be the same thing. I also have experience in the iPad, which is almost the same thing.

1. The "Choose Name" button is not reactive after I try and make a name; since Showdown is browser based, it could be the actual iPhone Safari browser's issue, and not PS.
2. Since the iPhone's screen is so small, it may be hard to find the chat bar while lagging due to the slow iPhone. I did get to use it on the iPad though. If you are able to access the main chat room, you can use /w name, message to PM yor opponent. It's an alternative.
3. If I recall correctly, the browser on the iPhone is designed so for hovering (hovering over a move shows stats), is a single tap. To efficiently select moves, tap the move twice while holding for one second each time. This gives the browser time to react and show stats, then select the move properly.
4. Again, I believe going into sleep mode cuts the iPhone's wifi. This is not PS's issue; cutting wifi = disconnect.
5-7. Please keep in mind PS is designed for a computer browser. The iPhone, although advanced, can not compete to a full PC so errors are bound to happen. Especially the older iPhones whih simply do not have the technical capability to run PS smoothly. There's not much PS can do.

Hope this helps
I used to have problems with my itouch and I got an iPad mini a few moms ago, which didnt work in February, but I started playing again in June and now it works fine on Showdown


Pixels matter
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If anything, you should blame the iPhone. PS is designed to work on computer browsers, not on phones. In the future, we might adapt it for phones, but for now you'll have to expect your phone to render pc-based pages correctly.
I think a webapp is not appropriate... Olds iPhones aren't enough powerful to run a lot of JS code. The best would be to create an app for iPhone, but it has a lot of drawbacks like:
-Not the same language of dev
-remade all application from scratch
-exclusively on iPhone

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