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Hey there,

With the commencement of Smogon Premier League comes the resumption of a Smogtours tradition: mock drafts. However, many of you may not know the person that makes those mock drafts possible: Felucia. She's not only responsible for kindly maintaining and hosting Scrappie, but she's also made a habit of finding herself on the Smogtours server during auctions to ensure she can fix anything that goes wrong with Scrappie. We are bringing this up because she reached out to the Tournament Director team asking if we could share a short message with the greater community and, considering how reliant we, and any other section that has Premier League or Snake Draft style tournament, are on Scrappie, we felt it was only fair.

Hello there, I'm Felucia, a global moderator on the main simulator, and I've been writing and maintaining various bots for the past 5 years, including Scrappie which you'll surely be familiar with. Initially, I paid the hosting expenses for these bots out of my own pocket, but after money became more of an issue in my private life, I switched to running entirely from donations. Because of one very generous donator I was able to keep this up for a while, but now that buffer is slowly coming to an end, so it would mean the world to me if you could chip in even a dollar to help me continue to run these bots for the community. Obviously, please don't donate anything you can't afford to spend.
It goes without saying that 100% of all donations sent will go towards keeping the bots online. If you're generous enough to donate, you can find her donation link at https://paypal.me/FeluciaPS.

Thank you for reading.


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Hey there. First off, thank you so much for your generosity towards keeping Scrappie up and running. I heard from Felucia a few days ago that her bots will be funded for quite some time. That was until yesterday, where I heard again from Felucia with even better news. As a result of this thread, a (very trustworthy and reliable) person reached out to Felucia to allow her to host the bots on their personal server at no cost. Felucia accepted this offer, and will be refunding those that donated. I realize it's a bit awkward for us to make a thread asking for donations only for them to be refunded, but the thread brought the situation to the attention of the person with the server, and having the bot hosted for free going forward is still a complete win for us as a community.
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