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Hey AG people. We don't really have a thread for big announcements so this seems like the best place to say that I'm stepping down from my roles as AG leader and RO. I've got no intention of leaving the community or even stepping down completely from the room, but I'm clearly not the person to be in charge anymore. PU is my main priority, I do not enjoy or play natdex AG as is (nor do I especially like Galar dex, nor would it be fair for me to stay on in the hopes I start having fun once we swap back), and we simply have other staff members who are far more devoted to this meta. I'm glad I could be a part of getting AG to where it is now, and I trust in Pigeons and the rest to keep the format strong going forward.

Taking my place at the helm will be pichus. She's been representing AG for a pretty long time now, leading the room and at the forefront of our tournaments, and I'm looking forward to seeing what AG looks like under her. There is nobody more dedicated to AG. Congratulations, and good luck.

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