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As many of you know, there's been a reckoning of sorts for the competitive Super Smash Brothers community, with many allegations of sexual assault and other abuses. In light if the allegations that have shaken that community, I think we should also look towards what's been happening to the wider Pokemon community as well, which is also going through a wave of allegations being brought to light.

However, for many reasons that are outside of the scope of this thread, the Pokemon community is a particularly splintered community, there isn't really a place keeping track of the allegations making the wave at the moment, with many of them being spread across twitter and multiple sites.

The purpose of this thread is to gather allegations of abuse about major figures in the Pokemon community. The goal is to keep our community (Smogon) informed about these allegations, as many of us may consume content or follow people involved with these allegations. It is my hope that we can learn from them, and learn to become a better community ourselves as well.

This is not the first wave of allegations to hit the Pokemon community, nor will it be the last. This post will start out small since it takes time to gather these, but I would appreciate any help towards gathering more of them to keep people informed, especially since I myself am only particularly involved with a small subset of the Pokemon community. I'm not going to pretend that this thread will spark some sort of long needed culture change for the many Pokemon communities out there, but I feel that at least being informed about what is going on is better than nothing.

Allegations against TheKingNappy's predatory behavior

TheKingNappy is a popular Pokemon youtube personality, who has had several sexual harassment allegations pointed at him and several people who worked with him. In particular, the most well known allegation was submitted by Hoodlum Callum in 2019, another Poketuber. To make a long story short, TheKingNappy (then 21 years old) corced the then 16 year-old Callum into a romantic relationship, with the threat of being cut off from him and his circle of friends otherwise. The allegation is below, and there are tweet threads under it that show some evidence:

Allegations of Dekadurr's predatory behavior

Dekadurr was a Poketuber most known for making graphics that other Poketubers used. In 2019, he was exposed for predatory behavior. Specfically, he would ask teenagers for nude photos. Multiple women have accused him of this, but for now, here's a youtube testimonial from "Sylveon", one of Dekadurr's victims.

Allegations of Jake Magier's mental abuse of Joey Costagliola (VGC related)

On July 4th, 2020, Joey Costagliola (known as Future on twitter), posted a twitlonger about the emotional abuse he went through while he was friends with another player, Jake Magier. It's a bit complicated to explain in short prose, but Jake Magier appears to have been extremely mainpulative and would lash out against people not in his clique. The twitlonger is below:

Jake Magier has responded to this, but his twitlonger is more about CasedVictory. His twitlonger is in the allegation below.

Allegations of CasedVictory's history of harassment

I realize this is a particularly sensative subject, since CasedVictory was actually a user who got permabanned on these forums (and also from VGC). Regardless, the VGC community on twitter has had serious problems with him, so I think it's important to inform people about them. I'll link to testimonals from Wolfe and Jake Magier below, but note that this is just scratching the surface, as CasedVictory has orchestrated a campagin of harassment against many indiviuals, to the point of making them feel unsafe.

Allegations of EzraelVGC physically assulting Yuri

EzraelVGC is most well known for being the 2016 runner up for VGC Worlds. On July 4th, 2020, Yuri posted a twitlonger detailing an incident in which Ezrael physically assualted him.

Ezrael has posted a twitlonger himself mostly confirming what Yuri has stated.

Nat Tillman's experiences with being harassed in the VGC community

To preface this: there are MANY testimonals about rampant sexism in VGC, so this is not the "only case". On June 2020, Nat Tillman made a twitlonger detailing two incidents she went through that made her feel very uncomfortable: one with another unnamed player that made sexually suggestive comments to her, and the other being extremely toxic twitch comments made to her. She did not want to be streamed that match (as she was very rusty, and entered the tournament at the last minute with a team that wasn't viable anymore), but was forced to be on the stream anyways. Her twitlonger is below.

Meaghan Rattle's experiences with being harassed in the VGC community

On behalf of Meghan Rattle, twiter user TextFont posted her experience in the VGC community. She describes the rampant harassment she went through because she was a woman, and how it led to a severe mental breakdown. The two twitlongers are below.

Jeremy Gross's experience with Zach Miller's death threats (VGC related)

Jeremy Gross, a VGC player, has had his life threatened by Zach Miller, a man already known for sexully harassing women in VGC, and also seemingly a neonazi. This man has used many alts on Pokemon Showdown to harass him, and even threatend to shoot up a VGC regional. Jeremy Gross's account is below.

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So this post is here in case we need 2 posts to cover everything, but I also want to point out that: I realize most of the OP is currently of the VGC community, that's because thats the community I tend to follow on twitter. VGC's community is going through a reckoning of sorts (though not to the extent Super Smash Bros is going through), but I'm sure I'm missing plenty of examples, so I have no qualms with adding more as they come up.

Also, I realize its strange to have a "Pokemon topic" in cong, but I asked some staff about it and it was suggested that this thread best fit cong, since it's not really about Pokemon itself, but about the community.

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