A Shifty RMT

A Shifty RMT (Ubers)

This is an Ubers RMT. This is the team in its current state:

I'd like to note that I haven't had all that much battling experience, and that I hadn't played Ubers at all until about four days ago. So obviously my team-building skills are rather sub-par. I expect a lot of criticism. I'd also like to note that I don't feel any particular attachment to any members of this team except Shiftry, and obviously Shiftry simply doesn't work without Groudon. Anyone else, I'd be happy to change. I can edit the image above pretty easily. :)

And now for the specifics:

Groudon @ Choice Band
EVs: 216 HP | 252 Attack | 32 Defense | 8 Speed
Earthquake | Dragon Claw | Fire Punch | Stone Edge

Obviously, I needed a Groudon to use Shiftry. I figured using it as my lead would be best so I could make sure I had sun up. I decided on the Choice Band set so I could take out what I needed to quickly, which is sometimes vital for taking out Shiftry's counters. Plus this way I can either OHKO many leads who have stealth rock (and later Rapid Spin with Forretress) or force them to swich out. For EVs, I went with the ones Smogon lists for this set. Max attack to hit hard, HP and Defense EVs to aid switching in, which is important because I have to switch out a lot, and the rest in speed to outrun Base 90 pokémon with four speed EVs. I guess.

Forretress @ Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP | 112 Attack | 144 Defense
Spikes | Rapid Spin | Gyro Ball | Explosion

I need a Rapid Spinner because entry hazards severely diminish Shiftry's chances of sweeping (because of Focus Sash). Forretress seemed like the best one so I went with it. Plus, Spikes are useful. For moves and EVs, I went with Smogon's standard set. To be honest, I haven't found forretress to be particularly useful for any purpose except Rapid Spinning and possibly setting up spikes. I often just use it as a switch-in to something I know one of my other pokémon can't take, and it often dies in the process.

Mewtwo @ Choice Scarf
EVs: 4 HP | 252 Special Attack | 252 Speed
Trick | Shadow Ball | Ice Beam | Aura Sphere

I figured I could use a good, fast special attacker, and Trick can render many pokémon effectively useless. I went with Smogon's Choice Scarf set except I removed Selfdestruct and the attack EVs, made it Timid, and used both Trick and Ice Beam. I just didn't want to waste EVs in Attack and when I was using Selfdestruct, I didn't find it particularly useful.

Shiftry @ Focus Sash
EVs: 4 HP | 252 Attack | 252 Speed
Swords Dance | Seed Bomb | Sucker Punch | Explosion

Shiftry is the focus of this team. With Chlorophyll, it's extremely fast, it has base 100 attack, and two really useful STAB types for Ubers. Believe it or not, I've actually found it to be very effective as a sweeper. I decided on shiftry because I wanted a Chlorophyll user and I find Jumpluff annoying. Shiftry was the only other one who seemed viable. Plus it's just really cool. :) Smogon doesn't list any physical attacking sets for Shiftry, for some reason. I suppose it's because Shiftry's physical movepool is rather limited... but there's enough in there to make it quite useful. I chose Adamant so it would hit harder. I figured it didn't need any more speed than what Chlorophyll gave it. I decided on Focus Sash so I could almost always get a Swords Dance in. Seed Bomb and Sucker Punch for STAB, and Explosion to get pokémon I can't get with the other moves.

Latios @ Soul Dew
EVs: 4 HP | 252 Special Attack | 252 Speed
Calm Mind | Dragon Pulse | Grass Knot | Recover

Latios is my Kyogre counter. Kyogre would be a big problem for Shiftry because it removes the Chlorophyll boost, and is occasionally faster than Shiftry, which means that Shiftry can't Swords Dance before attacking it, and Shiftry generally can't OHKO it with an unboosted Seed Bomb. Nothing else on my team can switch into a water spout and survive except Wobbuffet, and since it 2HKOs Wobbuffet, it basically renders Wobbuffet useless. This is why I felt it necessary to include Latios: It can take almost anything Kyogre throws at it and then kill it with Grass Knot. Plus it's really specially bulky for a sweeper. Calm mind is useful when a Kyogre Surf/something else won't 2HKO. It can Calm Mind and then kill whatever pokémon it's facing, then possibly continue to sweep.

Wobbuffet @ Leftovers
Shadow Tag
EVs: 28 HP | 228 Defense | 252 Special Defense
Encore | Counter | Mirror Coat | Safeguard

Wobbuffet is amazing. It can often kill two of the opponent's pokémon, sometimes three. The only thing it's not very good against that I can think of is Darkrai, because Mirror Coat doesn't hit it. Other than that, it's a very efficient killing maching. What more can be said?

Thanks for reading this.... I know there's a ton that can be improved so hopefully you guys can help me out with that. :) Sorry if I did anything wrong here.

Also, is it necessary to include a threat list? I'm not very experienced so I'm not sure I would be able to make a very good one... :/
Cool team.

On Groudon, you should change it to the usual lead, and drop its Choice Band for the Utility set.

Groudon@ Leftovers
Adamant nature (+Attack, -Sp. Attack)
252 HP/156 Attack/32 Defense/60 Sp. Defense/8 Speed

Thunder Wave
Stealth Rock
Dragon Claw

Thunder Wave helps Shifty sweep even easier, and slows down Scarf users. Stealth Rock doesn't need an explanation, while Earthquake is for STAB, and Dragon Claw hits the Dragons and provides good neutral coverage.

I think your Forretress can do a lot more than what it is doing right now. First of all, change it's EV's to 252 HP/252 Sp. Defense/4 Defense with Careful nature. Ditch Gyro Ball for Payback. Toxic Spikes are a much better choice then Spikes here.

The rest of your team looks very good in my opinion, I think you could use a Rest Talker here to beat Darkrai. Heracross is a nice option to use over Wobby, who I would really hate to replace.

Heracross@ Leftovers
Adamant nature (+Attack, -Sp. Attack)
204 HP/152 Attack/152 Speed

Sleep Talk
Stone Edge

There you go. With careful prediction, you can come in on a Dark Void, and Megahorn the Darkrai to death while it Nasty Plot's. After taking him down, you can wait out the turn, then be able to freely sweep with Guts Heracross.

Hope I helped, and Good Luck!
Sorry for the double-post, but I'm not sure anyone would see this any other way. :/

Thanks so much for the suggestions; they've really been working out well, including Heracross. One problem though: SD Quaza basically runs through my entire team, as pretty much nothing can take an SDed Extremespeed. Does anyone have any suggestions for that? I feel like Mewtwo may not be working all that well, so maybe I could replace it with something better.

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