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How to Diplomacy

Diplomacy is game about making alliances, breaking alliances, and reforming old alliances to better your number of supply centers in the game. Playing the deaf mute will only get you so far before another country decides you are not worth the spaces you comprise of and crushes you for your land. You have to negotiate with other nations if you want to win. You must tell the whole truth and nothing but it while lying through your teeth to succeed in this game. Feelings will be hurt and grudges will be formed. Friends can be enemies, and enemies can be friends. Make your stab and pray it doesn't backfire.

A player is eliminated from the game when they no longer control any supply centers. Alternatively, a player can choose to forfeit (But that is lame and sissy and I will make sure you are made fun of for it!). This will leave his/her pieces on the board where they will hold or idle during every turn. Victory is achieved by a single player controlling 18 of the 34 supply centers OR if all of the remaining players agree to a tie. Diplomacy has 3 phases. Since this is online, you can talk to other nations any time you wish. The game begins in Spring of the year 1901 where you issue your first orders. After that turn is Fall 1901 and you issue your second round of orders. And finally the year ends in Winter 1901 where you either add or subtract to your total number of supply centers and in turn your army depending on how many you captured or lossed in Fall. Then the year begins anew with Spring 1902.

Even though this is a game of Diplomacy, you are never required to honor any promises you made to any nation. You are always out for yourself.

1. No deadtalking, screenshotting, and other things that would be defined as "cheating" by anyone with an ounce of common sense.

2. There are formal alliances in this game. Alliances may contain up to three players. Players in an alliance can only win if they meet the win condition for an alliance of that many players. You can enter or leave an alliance at any time, but any time you change your alliance status, you cannot win for the next 2 turns(I mean one year). Alliances are public knowledge.

3. Win conditions:
-Solo player: own 15 supply points and own 2 more than any other one player at the end of a turn.
-2 player alliance: own 24 supply points between you.
-3 player alliance: own 33 supply points between you.
If two teams (or a team and a solo player) meet their win conditions on the same turn, keep playing until only one group is winning.

4. If you are curious about anything ASOIAF/GoT related, or what the abbreviations stand for on the map, ask Walrein. He knows way too much about this series.

5. Realize that this is a game, chill out, and have fun. Ignore the fact that I still want to strangle Agape because of last diplomacy. Do as I say, not as I do.

6. Since ASOIAF has weird-ass seasons, Spring will be "beginning of the year", Autumn will be "middle of the year", and Winter will be "end of the year". Yes, this is kinda lame, but it's the only thing that makes sense.


Signups (8 players will be handpicked for this game, so priority matters not)
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Signups will close approximately 48 hours from this post

edit: herp derp

There are eight factions in this game: House Stark (White), House Arryn (Cyan), House Greyjoy (Black), House Tully (Blue), House Lannister (Red), House Baratheon (Gold), House Tyrell (Green), and House Martell (Orange). Factions will be randomized upon game start, and I am NOT accepting faction requests.

edit2: DERP HERP

official channel is #westeros

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this sounds fun, but I have not read the game of thrones series at all :/

considering the above 2 ^ are only 1 posters.... the quality of the players will probably be very bad... so



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Signups are now closed. However, I am busy right now, and I'm going to sleep right after I finish what I'm doing.

The game will start sometime tomorrow afternoon. That is also when I will reveal who made it in, so don't ask me beforehand if you made it. If a mod wants to lock this topic, that's fine.

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