A suggestion regarding Pokémon Showdown

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When someone opens this sub forum, I think it would help if a screen-filling announcment pops up saying "DON'T POST SUGGESTIONS RELATED TO POKÉMON SHOWDOWN". Maybe people will get the message.


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I think this would be a much better message.

But in all seriousness, people don't notice the message even when it's in plain sight like that, which is why the popup would help, imo. There will still be a few idiots that ignore the message, but whatever.

Either that or make a bunch of arrows that point to the dialogue box that already exists
On second thought, it would get really annoying every time you open the sub forum, so maybe just if you try to create a new thread.

Edit: Just noticed the wording for the thing up top. Some impatient users might just read it up to "Post all suggestions for Pokemon Showdown" and then make the thread.
or they can learn and read it al once their thread gets shut down and they possibly warned for not reading the rules of the forum

which are in plain site and have caps in the title

and also a big announcement at top

also idr but iirc stellar/someone said that this isn't possible. just read carefully and you'll be golden. ask a badged member. like all of the other good people who ask first before posting do.


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It is possible but only for someone who doesn't mind trawling through xenforo's code and make some custom modifications. There are much more important things for the very few people who program for the site to do, unfortunately.
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