A team comprised of my favorite Pokemons

Alright so as you can tell by the title, this team is made up of all my favorite Pokemons. If possible, I don't want any replacements in my team but instead I want some advice/suggestions on how else I can improve my team. But if there is no choice of replacing one of my Pokemon for a Pokemon that can do the job better(NOT HOUNDOOM NO MATTER WHAT) I will try considering the idea. Anyway, with this old classic 4th gen team I win almost 70% of the time. Even in 5th gen battles. But I got tired of the metagame in 5th gen with all the nonsense so I decided to go back to 4th gen and enjoy myself there.
But anyways about the team, I am highly obsessed in Pokemon typing.(You'll see all of my Pokemon have different types) And there really isn't a standard lead in this team but most of the time I will lead with my Kinogassa or Metagross, but it all depends on my mood who I will send out first. And I like offensiveness. I don't like to waste my time stalling and do all the annoying nonsense, I like to make the game quick and entertaining. Therefore, most of my Pokemon are heavily offensive.
Also, only one of my Pokemon are affected by toxic spikes.

キノガッサ(Breloom)-Toxic orb
Ability:Poison heal
-Focus punch
-Seed bomb

My substitute focus punching Kinogassa. With 394 attack with a devastating punch power of 225, this guy sure will do tons of damage even if resisted. His main job is to spore slower Pokemon such as hippowdon, swampert, skarmory and other Pokemon who try to set up those annoying hazards. I spore them, they switch and I fire off those massive focus punches to their death. Seed bomb is for bulky waters/bulky grounds and fair amount of power with stab but I'm considering stone edge instead since it gets the flyings and bugs which both resist focus punch. Hmm, what do you guys think? He also switches in to predicted statuses such as toxic, willowisp, and thunderwave and become my status absorber.

ゲンガー(Gengar)-Choice specs
-Shadow ball
-Sludge bomb
-Focus blast

Man I love this guy since yellow(The first Pokemon game I ever got) But anyway he is my specs special sweeper. All the moves there are self explanatory with shadow ball and focus blast providing perfect coverage alongside the 2 other moves which provide even more SE coverage(Except maybe for sludge bomb) But sludge bomb is there for sheer power since that's the most powerful move he learns. It's good when he can use it against lets say a salamence, since it will KO after rocks. Choice specs is there to make up for the lack of SpAtk evs since I invested most into HP to take some hits that he isn't supposed to and surprise the opponent. I'm really satisfied with the extra bulk he has actually. And with those evs and a choice specs attached, it's stronger than a timid 252spAtk gengar with life orb. Gengar is also my somewhat spinblocker too. He also takes fighting, normal, and ground moves for my team

Ability:Clear body
-Meteor mash
-Zen headbutt
-Stealth rock

Alright you're probably thinking wha.. whaaat?? But yea, this is my mixed wall metagross, well kind of like a tank actually. With those equally massive Spdef and Def he can sure take some amount of hits. Those specs draco meteors or whatever else it is, he will suck them up and attack them back with his 306 attack that hasn't even invested into. Meteor mash is for the strong power to make up for his lack of attack evs, zen headbutt is for those gengars and fightings and bulky poisons such as tentacruel and earthquake just in case he gets trapped by magnezone. Stealth rock is the most important here and makes the most sense with the evs I invested into. Metagross or breloom will either be my lead for this team. He takes poison moves for my team, although rare a roserade sludge bomb can be devastating and he can absorb toxics

ヘルガー(Houndoom)-Life orb
Ability:Flash fire
-Sucker punch
-Fire blast
-Thunder fang
-Hidden power ground

Man man man.. I love this ferocious looking hound. I even have a dog that looks like a houndour. But anyway I needed a fire type in my team and can't be infernape or heatran because first, its because of a stab priority move he has and the psychic and fire immunity and houndooms faster than heatran without having to rely on scarf and also, I just love him so much. But this guy does surprisingly well in ou. For some weird reason out of my experience, most people think he's an all special version with dark pulse. So those people just send in alakazams and gengars and starmies to try to kill him but I use sucker punch instead and surprise kill them Thunder fang is for those predicting switch Gyarados's or any water, and Hp ground is for heatran who would wall him completely. With life orb he technically has 390spatk and 314atk, good enough for mixed sweeping. He also takes fire and psychic moves for my team.

-Stone edge
-Dragon dance

I just love his design ever since I was a kid and always imagined of riding on him if only he really existed... But anyway he is my set up sweeper. Sometimes, I have him sweeping the whole team if he gets a chance to set up more than twice and if the team have no walls. But waterfall and bounce provide good enough coverage and stone edge are for those somewhat annoying flying Pokemons such as dragonite and salamence. I also like how he can come in on scizor and weavile and mamoswines and drop their attacks and when they switch, I get a free DD. He also takes ground moves for my team

Ability:Pressure(Ugh I hope he had Lightningrod this gen too)
-Hidden power ice

Holy god... a thunder bird.. how cool is that.. No way I wouldn't have such cool badass bird in my team! So.. this is a weird set. He's supposed to actually wall(Special defensively) but sometimes he ends up sweeping the whole team for some reason. But anyway, thunder is preferred for more power since the lack of SpAtk evs and 30% paralyze is always nice and those effects much worth it over the 70% accuracy. Hp ice is for the mini boltbeam combo with good coverage. I use agility so I can roost first and stall their opponents moves out and take less damage from the starmie ice beams and stuff since he gets to roost first. And with agility up, he sometimes end up destroying the whole team with thunder and hp ice even though he supposed to be a specially defensive wall. Weird set, but it works wonders. He also takes ground moves for my team making 3 of my Pokemon immune to ground and ugh I wish he had lightningrod with the effects the same as 5th gen with the immunity to electric...

Say goodbye to my buddies~​


I hope you realize why as far as making text readable goes, yellow is a sin to the very definition of "readable".

Honestly, on zapdos, I would suggest replacing thunder with thunderbolt and agility with substitute. Your team has no true specially defensive pokemon except him, and thunder misses way too much. Substitute allows him to set up on random stuff and take weak hits like a boss.

On breloom, you have focus punch listed twice. I would assume substitute is meant to be in one of those slots?

Either way, that's all I can say right now.

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