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Pending A teambuilder that shows data for OM's and Pet Mods

A lot of popular (and unpopular) OM's and Pet Mods make significant changes to Pokémon data in the form of changed moves, abilities, movesets and stats. However, the teambuilder only ever displays vanilla information. It is possible for the teambuilder to show varying information, as demonstrated when you switch generations, so would it be possible to change the teambuilder to read OM data either on the server or on the client side?

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I mean this is already taken care of for the most popular OMs. AAA shows all abilities. BH shows all moves and abilities. STABmons shows relevant moves. Nothing to show for Partners in Crime or Camomons. Nothing really to show for Mix and Mega (but if we wanted to show type changes and new stats, that's gonna take some work). I believe Tier Shift is the only of the main OMs that doesn't show the data changes, but that can be easily fixed.


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Yeah, the most welcome change would be somehow integrating the metas that change base stats into the actual teambuilder stat preview; as nice as commands like /scale are, the team preview is an even greater help.
The Immortal Thanks for the response! It's not just OM's though, a whole host of pet mods exist that could desperately do with a way to display new data in the teambuilder. At the moment, building a team in any of them requires constant reference to an external source or a custom command which is a pain. I realise such metagames aren't much of a priority, but since it can be implemented, would you guys consider it?
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Ye, I would be down if the builder could support stat + typing changed especially for metas like Tier Shift and Mix and Mega as it just would make EV modifying so much easier to do (as I usually need to refer to other mons with the same base stat to actually proper EV to account for their post modified stat which is annoying). Also having the updated camo typing being displayed from the onset would also be dope :>

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