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So what I had in mind was a semi-informative tour of PS with all the different rooms, buttons, commands and while poking fun at different aspects.
  • Lobby
  • Other rooms
  • The "Join other room" button
  • Different commands to be used in rooms
  • User Cards & Their buttons
  • All things in the gear icon at the top
  • All the blue buttons at the left side of the screen
  • Teambuilder

Of course I probably wont be going into great depth with any of these as that would make the article way too long. Anyway, here is a sample paragraph I put together.
So now your wondering, "What are those blue buttons off to the side?" Well, these buttons are not just there to look good, they are the gateway to battling.

Here at the bottom we have the Watch a battle button where you can pick and watch a variety of battles ranging from intense battles where even until the last turn it can't be told who had the upper hand, to battles of newbies getting 6-0'd by a Ducklett in all different tiers.

If we move up a step we see the credits button where the coders gloat about themselves and lurk in the shadows.

One step up from that is the ladder where competitive players gloat about themselves and laugh about the people who got 6-0'd by a Ducklett.

Then there is the Teambuilder, the place where every team of Pocket Monsters is formed. Once you are in you can click the New Team button to start building. You can import teams/pokemon from Smogon or build your own. If you decide to go on the Anything Goes ladder then the Copy/Paste feature will be your best friend. You are just 6 clicks away from having the perfect team of key rings.

Finally we have the Look for a battle button which allows you to well, look for a battle! It is the biggest button on showdown so don't go crying to me if you "Can't get a battle because everyone is rejecting your requests" just click that button and wait... then play. If you win make sure to exclaim loudly that you are the Pokemon Master and if you lose then you were obviously playing against a hacker because you are the Pokemon Master.
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It's like where I take the readers through the features and things on PS like a museum tour while poking fun at different features, it wouldn't be in-depth as each group of feature could have its own in-depth article. Just showing new users around the site while letting older using have a laugh. So basically it would be this "Over here we have this, if you look to the right you can see this with this which is useful beacuse of this" but with added flavor for more entertainment value. I've revised the "paragraph" so it is a little easier to read.
It has been two weeks or so and no reply has been given to my concerns. I'm going to turn this down, and when this idea is a bit more fleshed out, you can PM a Player staff member and we'll re-open it. For the time being though, it seems there are more questions than answers, here.
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