A Whole NU World Tournament 3 - Round 1

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Co-Hosted with bwburke94

A Whole NU World 3!

Past Editions:
A Whole NU World - Won by Justinawe

A Whole NU World 2 - Won by Erebyssial

With the recent tier changes, the NU tier has been created! Similar to the 4th Generation, NU is looking set to be a metagame very different from any of the others above it! So, what better way to begin a new metagame than inviteing Smogon users to compete in a Tournament?

Note: Please, before reading any further, if you have not done so already, read this thread: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84818

Tournament Format:

  • This Tournament will take part in the 5th Generation NU metagame. For more information about the banlists or this metagame, see this thread : http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3455994
  • The banlist will adhere to all Smogon banlists. This extends not only to tiers, but also abilities, items, and moves.
  • Battles must be played on the Smogon Server, on Pokemon Online. Please save logs in case validation is required.
  • The first round will have a 2 week deadline, and following rounds will have a 1 week deadline. In the event a match is not played by the deadline, unless there has been no activity from one party, the disqualification will be randomised. There will be no extensions except under extenuating circumstances.
  • If you have a legitamate reason for a delay, please PM both me and bwburke94 so we are aware of your situation. We will not grant extensions if we haven't heard from you!
  • The format is Single Elimination
Battle Rules

  • Evasion Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
Participants and Matchups

MostWanted vs Breludicolo
Toshimelonhead vs idiotfrommars
Xtrashine vs pedrokabu
SoulWind vs .Robert
Omnicron vs Karpman
Husky vs pokemonrocks777
tennisace vs Lady Salamence
Shun DK vs Agammemnom
MikeDecIsHere vs FleixMinamimoto
McMeghan vs Leman
giara vs Darkdiglett
waterwarrior vs Maaf
CriCri95 vs davidness
Fantom0 vs Chieliee
SethZiBritannia vs -Manu-
Pearl. vs D4RR3N
TheKyle vs Honko
Brophlosion vs MSB
Xephyr vs Fried Rhys
Alice vs wilson46
New World Order vs H-C
AlphaJolt vs tagama
Mforz vs IceCarAdler
kd24 vs CheezitKing
lapras6666 vs SGV
Hantsuki vs Sunbeam
WhiteQueen vs PedRock
!Nexus vs Zebraiken
smashlloyd20 vs Oglemi
Twannes vs DarkLoic
Foster vs Brotom
Rediamond vs Pako

Subs [In order of signup]

The Wolf

Sorry for those who are on the subs list [Aside from Chieliee, who specifically asked to be in as a sub]. The RNG decided against you.

The Round 1 Deadline is in 2 weeks, Friday 2nd December, at aproximately 2pm GMT-5.
FYI wilson is on there twice.
No clue why that happened, although it was probobly me not copying whatever name I should have copied, thus resulting in two Wilsons. Fixing the 2nd match's wilson.

RNG pulled up 18, so the 18'th on the Sub list, not counting Chililee, because he's sub only, is the proper part of the backet.

Twannes is in due to this. Sorry for any inconvenience
standing in contact with pokemonrocks. maybe we get the battle done within the next few hours.

but the smogon PO server seems down currently.. or can i join there over advanced connection somehow?
I've made contact with Fried Rhys.

Figures I get a pretty good battler in first round. I know I'll give him a good fight at least though. I'm pretty good at NU for some reason.
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