Pet Mod Abilitypos: Slate 6 - Results

Approved by DuoM2
In this Pet Mod, your goal is to take an ability and change a few letters in its name to make it brand new. You then take your new ability, give it to a Pokémon with the old ability, and change its information (stats, moves, etc.) to better suit the new ability.

Given the amount of time between the approval of this Mod and the new generation, we’re gonna use this thread to test the mod’s limits and apply them to a completed generation 8 format before I bring the concept to a developing generation 9, where we’ll reset the roster and start anew.

Important Rules

1. The first step in Abilitypos is to modify a given ability. You will be provided with 3 abilities in any given slate, and in that slate you can only use those abilities.

2. You modify an ability by changing around some of the letters (up to half, rounded down) to create another coherent term. There may be exceptions where the name of an ability could have more than 1 meaning, and in that case you could submit an ability with the same name as its predecessor

3. After you changed the ability’s name, you must give it a new effect. Say you change Lightning Rod to Lightning Cod, so instead of absorbing Electric moves and getting a Special Attack boost, maybe Electric moves become Water moves and get a 1.2x attack boost.

4. Now that your new ability has a name and effect, you give it to one Pokémon that has the old ability. This will be the only ability they’re allowed to have, although you can submit the same Pokémon later if they have another slate’s ability. This is because…

5. You will now be modifying the Pokémon (stats, typing, moves) in order to better suit the new ability. For example, Seaking gets Lightning Rod, but no Electric moves, so if one were to give it Lightning Cod, it would need Electric moves to go with it, like Thunderbolt for damage or Thunder Wave for paralyzing Ground types. There’s a lot of free reign in this step, so please try to the best of your ability to keep it balanced.

Ability Modified:
New Ability Name:
New Ability Effect:
Movepool Changes:
Competitive Role:
Now voting’s gonna be a bit weird Let’s simplify it. For each category, you can vote for as many abilities as you want. Your first vote in a category is worth 3 votes, your second vote in a category is worth 2 votes, and everything after that is worth 1 vote. For every submission you get one point. You can vote for your sub second with one point, and you could vote for your sub first with two points. Giving your sub a vote in the later positions costs zero points.


:blaziken: RedwoodRogue :blaziken:
:pikachu: DuoM2 :pikachu:

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Hall of Fame
Slate 1: Overgrow, Blaze, Torrent
Overgrow: :sceptile: Overflow by RedwoodRogue
Blaze: :Charizard: Graze by Yoshiblaze
Torrent: :inteleon: Abhorrent by zxgzxg
Slate 2: Volt Absorb, Swarm, Light/Heavy Metal
Volt Absorb: :lanturn: Host Absorb by DuoM2
Swarm: :larvesta:Worm by DuoM2
Heavy Metal: :aggron: Death Metal by RedwoodRogue
Slate 3:
Keen Eye, Clear Body, Inner Focus
Keen Eye: :sableye:Mean Eye by DuoM2
Clear Body: :carbink:Cleft Body by Ducky
Inner Focus: :Entei:Simmer Focus by Ducky
Slate 4:
Healer, Thick Fat, Shell/Battle Armor
Healer: :hatterene: Feeler by anaconja
Thick Fat: :raticate-alola: Tricky Rat by anaconja
Shell Armor: :lapras: Jelly Armor by Bluecliqse
Slate 5:
Run Away, Lightning Rod, Mega Ability
Run Away: :nincada: Gun Away by RedwoodRogue
Lightning Rod: :marowak-alola: Viking God by r1dude
Mega Ability (Filter): :Aggron-mega: Tilter by APaidActor
Slate 6:
Plus/Minus, Ice Body/Face, Mega Ability
Minus: :Toxtricity-low-key: Mucus by Gyltia
Ice Face: :eiscue: Ice Mace by Gyltia
Mega Ability (Drought): :Charizard-mega-y: Sprout by APaidActor
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Wet lizard
Pokémon: Sceptile
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overflow
New Ability Effect: This Pokémon’s Water moves deal 1.5x damage
Typing: Grass/Ground
Stats: 80 HP / 105 Atk / 75 Def / 65 SpA / 85 SpD / 120 Spe (530 BST)
Movepool Changes:
- Iron Tail, Agility, Fury Cutter
+ Flip Turn, Liquidation, Aqua Jet
Competitive Role: Physical Attacker and Offensive Pivot with a third STAB. Ground typing mainly serves as an EQ boost.

Focus Blast buff lmao
Pokémon: Infernape
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Lazer
New Ability Effect: When it switches in, this Pokémon can’t miss moves against the opposing Pokémon.
Typing: Fire/Fighting
Stats: 86 HP / 74 Atk / 81 Def / 104 SpA / 81 SpD / 108 Spe (534 BST)
Movepool Changes:
- Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Stone Edge, Power-Up Punch, Swords Dance, Bulk Up
+ Thunderbolt, Thunder, Earth Power, Scorching Sands, Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot
Competitive Role: Fire Blast and Focus Blast don’t miss against the first mon this sees, and it can pivot out for more accuracy. Pair that with Nasty Plot and some coverage and you have a funny special Fighting type on your hands. There’s also Stealth Rock. Yep, it’s there.

Yarr har fiddle dee dee
Being a pirate is alright to be
Do what you want cause a pirate is free

You are a pirate

Pokémon: Greninja
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability Name: Torrenting
New Ability Effect: When this Pokémon defeats an opposing Pokémon, it takes its stat boosts
Typing: Water/Ice
Stats: 77 HP / 85 Atk / 71 Def / 103 SpA / 77 SpD / 117 Spe (530 BST)
Movepool Changes: + Flip Turn - Brutal Swing
Competitive Role: Without the crazy-ass abilities, Greninja now serves as a Special Attacking revenge killer. Switch this in, fire off Water Shurikens to clean up boosted mons at low HP and see funny numbers go up. The mon’s moveset works well as is otherwise, but I added Flip Turn to make up for the lowered Atk when pivoting.
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Ability Modifed:Overgrow
New Ability Name:Evergreen
New Ability Effect:This Pokemon takes halved damage from Ice type moves and is immune to Hail
Movepool Changes:+Recover
Competitive Role:A defensive Grass type not weak to Ice! Leech Seed, Toxic, and Knock Off gives it some nice utility. Resistances to Fighting and Electric most notably give it a nice defensive profile.
Pokémon: Decidueye
Ability Modifed: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overblow
New Ability Effect: Flying-type moves gain the STAB bonus if they aren't STAB. (Flying-type Transistor clone)
Typing: Grass/Ghost
Stats: 78/107/85/100/100/70
Movepool Changes: +Drill Peck
Competitive Role: Decidueye has some really good Flying-type moves so why not do this. STAB Brave Bird + SD goes brrr (which is why I didn't change most of it.) Drill Peck can also be used as another Flying move if you don't like Brave Bird's recoil damage.

Pokémon: Emboar
Ability Modifed: Blaze
New Ability Name: Sleaze
New Ability Effect: While this Pokemon is active, all contact moves deal 1.2x damage.
Typing: Fire/Fighting
Stats: 110/115/65/95/65/85
Movepool Changes:
Competitive Role:
Ability is pretty similar to Maid Dress from Extreme Reboot. A pretty good boosting ability for a wallbreaker like this, however it makes the opponent's contact moves deal extra damage, so you've got to play a bit riskier on how you want to send this out due to your low defenses.
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Pokemon: Sceptile
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overglow
New Ability Effect: Upon switch in, lowers the foe's Eva by 1.
Typing: Grass/Dragon
Stats: 70/85/65/115/85/120 (BST: 540)
Movepool Changes: +Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Nasty Plot
Competitive Role: Special Wallbreaker, Special Sweeper
Description: Overglow causes the pokemon to glow brightly upon entering the field, blinding the opponent, causing them to be unable to avoid your attacks. Sceptile uses Overglow to fire off more accurate Draco Meteors, Leaf Storms, & Focus Blasts. It can set up with Nasty Plot and fires off very strong moves to deal some very good damage.

Pokemon: Simisear
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Laze
New Ability Effect: This pokemon's Def & SpD are 1.5x while its asleep.
Typing: Fire/Steel
Stats: 108/85/88/73/101/73 (BST: 528)
Movepool Changes: +Bullet Punch, Fire Lash, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Meteor Mash, Steel Beam, Swords Dance
Competitive Role: Physical Wall w/ Funni Recovery
Description: Laze causes the pokemon to sleep very hard, and be able to wake up by force. Simisear uses Rest with Laze for funny recovery, by healing to full, removing status, & boosting defenses by a good amount, in exchange for being unable to move for 2 turns. Simisear has a good typing and strong moves in Meteor Mash, Fire Lash, Bullet Punch, Flare Blitz, Gunk Shot, Knock Off, Superpower, Swords Dance, Taunt, Toxic, & Will-O-Wisp.

Pokemon: Greninja
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability Name: Warrant
New Ability Effect: Upon switch in, reveals the foe's moveset.
Typing: Water/Dark
Stats: 82/122/95/57/103/71
Movepool Changes: +Aqua Jet, Defog, Drain Punch, Knock Off, Liquidation, Pursuit, Recover, Swords Dance
Competitive Role: Bulky Offense, Swords Dance Sweeper, Pursuit Trapper, Hazard Removal, Spikes Stack
Description: The pokemon with Warrant has a warrant to enter the foe's home and search for their moves. Greninja is based off of Joltemons Mega Gyarados with fairly decent bulk and good offenses that can remove hazards, recover hp, set up with SD, remove items with KOff, & pivot. Warrant is helpful as it tells you exactly what moves the opponent is running which can be helpful if a pokemon has several sets.
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Pokémon: Torterra
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overmow
New Ability Effect: If this Pokémon hits a Grass-type with a contact move, their Grass-typing is removed

Stats: 85 / 129 / 95 / 50 / 80 / 86 (525 BST)
Movepool Changes: +Grassy Glide, High Horsepower
Competitive Role: WIP (grass/ground sweeper/wallbreaker that can body one of the types that resist both stabs if they switch-in willy-nilly.)

Pokémon: Charizard
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Graze
New Ability Effect: If this Pokémon misses a damaging move, the target takes damage equal to 1/4 of the damage they would've taken. Secondary effects don't activate.

Stats: 78 / 74 / 73 / 114 / 85 / 110 (534 BST)
Movepool Changes: +U-Turn
Competitive Role: WIP (big stat pivot whose high risk STABs and focus blast are now a little less risky. would be a funny blunder policy gimmick if you weren't forced into boots)

Pokémon: Samurott
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability Name: Torrent (as in "to download")
New Ability Effect: On switch-in, this Pokemon's Attack or Special Attack goes up depending on the opponent's lower Defense stat (Download clone)

Stats: 90 / 108 / 80 / 100 / 65 / 85 (528 BST)
Movepool Changes: +Flip Turn, Spikes, Close Combat, Focus Blast
Competitive Role: WIP (mixed attacking download abuser, basically a way way worse genesect with a good offensive typing)
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Pokémon: Sceptile
Ability Modifed: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overglow (i was typing this one when palp's post was made, do i need to change it?)
New Ability Effect: The user's Electric-type moves deal 1.3x damage.
Typing: Grass
Stats: 70/75/65/125/75/120 (530)
Movepool Changes: Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Earth Power
Competitive Role: offensive pivot that can use its grass STAB to annoy volt switch blocking

Pokémon: Typhlosion
Ability Modifed: Blaze
New Ability Name: Blare
New Ability Effect: When the user uses a Sound-based move, all opposing Pokemon's Defense and Sp. Def are lowered by 1 stage.
Typing: Fire/Dragon
Stats: 98/64/78/129/85/80 (534)
Movepool Changes: Clanging Scales, Snarl, Heal Bell, Metal Sound, Slack Off, DOES NOT learn Eruption
Competitive Role: mashy breaker featuring only one good sound move, but many more fun options

Pokémon: Blastoise
Ability Modifed: Torrent
New Ability Name: Turret
New Ability Effect: If the user is targeted with a special attack, the attacker loses 1/8th of their max HP.
Typing: Water
Stats: 79/83/100/85/125/58 (530)
Movepool Changes: Recover, Heal Bell, DOES NOT learn Shell Smash
Competitive Role: fat spinner

Gravity Monkey

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Ability Modifed: Torrent
New Ability Name: Rodent
New Ability Effect: Upon succesfully hitting a target with Super Fang, uses it again.

Stats: 95 / 100 / 85 / 108 / 80 / 60 [BST: 528]
Movepool Changes: +Super Fang
Competitive Role: Terrifying wallbreaker who can lower the HP of any pokémon to 1/4th in a single turn. Kinda sucks outside of that one specific tool though.

Ability Modifed: Blaze
New Ability Name: Craze
New Ability Effect: Copies the target's stat changes upon switching in.

Stats: 80 / 116 / 75 / 65 / 75 / 119 [BST: 530]
Movepool Changes: none
Competitive Role: Good ol cinderace back in OU thanks to not having STAB on literally everything. Has the added bonus of being a great revenge killer thanks to its new ability.
Pokemon: :swsh/Swampert:
Ability modified: Torrent
New Ability: Torrential
New Ability Effect: Boosts a Pokemon's Special attack by x1.5 in rain, but the Pokemon loses 1/8 of its HP after each turn. (basically solar power but for rain)
Typing: Water/Ground
Stats: 100/85/90/110/90/60 (Total: 535)
Movepool Changes: Calm Mind
Competitive Role: Special Rain Sweeper
...Oops, all Galar starters!

Pokemon: Rillaboom
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability: Overgo
New Ability Effect: User’s physical attacks will break protection moves and will deal excess damage dealt to Substitute to the foe after it breaks, but when either of these happen the user will take 1/10 of their max HP as recoil.
Typing: Grass/Ground
Stats: unchanged
Moves: unchanged
Competitive Role: Physical Setup Sweeper

Pokemon: Cinderace
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability: Blazer
New Ability Effect: This Pokemon is takes half damage from ball/bomb attacks, and boosts the power of its own moves with this quality by 1.3x.
Typing: Fire/Grass
Stats: unchanged
Moves: + Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, Energy Ball, Trop Kick, Grassy Terrain, Grass Knot, Mud Bomb, - Fire Punch, Gunk Shot
Competitive Role: Fast Physical Pivot, Bulk Up Sweeper

Pokemon: Inteleon
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability: Torment
New Ability Effect: Subjects the Pokemon to Torment, but boosts the power of its moves by 1.3x.
Typing: Water/Poison
Stats: 75/100/75/105/65/120
Moves: + Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Sludge, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Night Slash, Nasty Plot, Torment
Competitive Role: Mixed Attacker, Setup Sweeper (Swords Dance, Nasty Plot)
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Ability Modifed:
New Ability Name: Overbow
New Ability Effect: User's moves have doubled accuracy
Typing: Ghost/Electric
Stats: 60 / 60 / 60 / 105 / 105/ 105
Movepool Changes: + Nuzzle, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Switch, Zap Cannon, Rising Voltage, Thunder Shock, Shock Wave, Thunder Punch, Spark, Charge, Magnet Rise, Electroweb, Will-o-Wisp, - all Grass type moves
Competitive Role: Potent status spreader with Zap Cannon, while also being a good Hex abuser,
Pokemon: :Typhlosion:
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Daze
New Ability Effect: Pokemon's Fire- and Dark-type moves have a 25% chance of lowering the opposing Pokemon's accuracy.
Typing: Fire/Dark
Stats: 80 / 120 / 60 / 100 / 60 / 110
Movepool Changes:
+ Night Daze, Fire Spin, Grass Knot, Scorching Sands, Weather Ball, Fire Fang, Crunch, Lash Out, Nasty Plot
- Eruption, Lava Plume, Earthquake, Low Kick, Brick Break, Power-Up Punch, Substitute
Competitive Role: Physical/Special wallbreaker and Special set-up sweeper
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Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Inferno Daze
Oh shit I get my first mod moment

Hello and welcome to Pet Mods. Also, thank you so much for your interest in my mod. That said you didn’t do everything right. When it comes to the names of modified abilities for this mod, you should try your best to keep it as close as possible to the name of the original ability (ex. Blaze to Lazer’s a two letter difference, Blaze to Blazer’s a one letter difference). Since we’re just starting out we’re a bit lenient on that rule, but adding a new word and then some’s a bit too much. I hope that you can revise that and continue to contribute.
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overgoo
New Ability Effect: Liquid Ooze effects + this Pokemon's Poison moves apply Taunt.
Typing: Grass/Poison
Stats: 68/112/75/75/75/135
Movepool Changes: +Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Rapid Spin, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Triple Axel, Poison Sting, Sludge, Smog, Clear Smog, Poison Gas, -all Ghost attacks except for Astonish and Spirit Shackle
Competitive Role: Hyperfast breaker. Anything it's up against has to be careful before clicking a status move, as Decidueye might shut them down before they act. Spirit Shackle, though non-STAB, gives some nice tech if you can trap and then taunt a wall. Liquid Ooze for flavor and so it can absolutely wreck my landlord Empoleon on the off-chance they both get in.

Pokémon: :empoleon:
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability Name: To Rent
New Ability Effect: At the end of each turn, leeches 1/16 of the opponent's max HP, equivalent to a weaker Leech Seed.
Typing: Water/Dark because nothing is more evil than a landlord
Stats: 84/121/103/71/106/55
Movepool Changes: +Obstruct, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Bulk Up, Flip Turn, Dragon Dance, Dark Pulse, Snarl, Bite, -all Steel attacks
Competitive Role: Pretty scary wall that can Obstruct while healing and then follow up with a Sucker Punch, or possibly act like Bisharp as a Swords Dance, Bulk Up, or Dragon Dance sweeper.

Pokémon: :delphox:
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Blame
New Ability Effect: If this Pokemon's stats are lowered, lowers the opponent's Attack and Special Attack by 1.
Typing: Fire/Electric
Stats: 75/69/78/114/110/94
Movepool Changes: +Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Leaf Storm, Earth Power, Ice Beam, Thunder Wave, Charge, Thunder Shock, Spark, -all Psychic attacks
Competitive Role: Bulky-ish offensive pivot. It comes in (probably needs Boots), Overheats, then Volt Switches out. It has decent Speed, enough to outspeed some threats and drop their stats, but not overbearingly high. Funnily enough, because it really likes Boots, it can't abuse opposing Webs. Still a great Intimidate and Defog punisher ala Defiant.
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Oh shit I get my first mod moment

Hello and welcome to Pet Mods. Also, thank you so much for your interest in my mod. That said you didn’t do everything right. When it comes to the names of modified abilities for this mod, you should try your best to keep it as close as possible to the name of the original ability (ex. Blaze to Lazer’s a two letter difference, Blaze to Blazer’s a one letter difference). Since we’re just starting out we’re a bit lenient on that rule, but adding a new word and then some’s a bit too much. I hope that you can revise that and continue to contribute.
Oh I apologize, I probably should have read the instructions a little more thoroughly. I could probably just change it to Daze and be done with it haha


Ability: Light Power
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Pokémon: Meganium
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overgrown
New Ability Effect: Damage is halved from receiving Poison-type and Flying-type attacks. (Thick Fat clone)
Stats: 90 HP / 82 Atk / 110 Def / 83 SpA / 110 SpD / 60 Spe
Typing: Grass / Fairy
Movepool Changes:
Additions - Body Press, Growth, Roar, Wish, Healing Wish, Seismic Toss, Bulk Up
Removals - None
Competitive Role: Mixed wall with support through Healing Wish, Aromatherapy, Roar or Wish. Body Presss or Seismic Toss allows it to get around it’s passivity.

Pokémon: Blaziken
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Glaze
New Ability Effect: Lower opponent’s Speed by 1 stage upon switching in. (Intimidate clone)
Stats: 80 HP / 80 Atk / 75 Def / 120 SpA / 75 SpD / 105 Spe
Typing: Fire / Ice
Movepool Changes:
Additions - Ice Punch, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Freeze-Dry, Calm Mind
Removals - None
Competitive Role: While it have to run Heavy-Duty Boots to avoid crippling Stealth Rock damage, Glaze allows it to revenge kill faster threats. Fire + Ice STAB is also a powerful combination.

Pokémon: Inteleon
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability Name: Rent
New Ability Effect: Copy the opponent’s Ability on switch-in (Trace clone)
Stats: 70 HP / 125 Atk / 65 Def / 85 SpA / 65 SpD / 125 Spe
Typing: Water / Ghost
Movepool Changes:
Additions - Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, Astonish, Poltergeist, Liquidation
Removals - None
Competitive Role: Though Rent can be inconsistent but potentially fun to use and versatile, dual priority Aqua Jet + Shadow Sneak and Swords Dance makes Inteleon a physical threat.
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Heads will roll... Vive la révolution!

The Head of the Revolution.

Pokémon: Empoleon
Ability Modifed: Torrent
New Ability Name: Tyrant
New Ability Effect: This Pokémon’s attacks ignore the target’s abilities. (mold breaker clone)

Stats: 84 / 111 / 88 / 86 / 111 / 50 [530 BST]
Movepool Changes: Flip Turn, Spikes, Roost
Competitive Role: Defensive Pivot, utilizes it’s tyranny to control the battle with hazards and slow pivoting.

The Bastion of the Revolution.

Pokémon: Chesnaught
Ability Modifed: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overthrow
New Ability Effect: If attacked by a Pokémon whose current hp is greater than this Pokémon's hp, reduces damage received by 25%.

Stats: 75 / 117 / 142 / 64 / 85 / 44 [530 BST]
Movepool Changes: + Body Press
Competitive Role: Physical Tank, who bolsters its bulk by removing power from its foes.

The Sword of the Revolution.
Pokémon: Typhlosion
Ability Modifed: Blaze
New Ability Name: Raze
New Ability Effect: While this Pokemon is on the field, all Pokémon heal for half as much as they should.

Stats: 78 / 84 / 78 / 109 / 81 / 100 [530 BST]
Movepool Changes: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge
Competitive Role: Special Wallbreaker, whose scorched earth techniques ensure its opponent cannot maintain a prolonged battle.
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Pokemon: Inteleon
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability: Abhorrent - This Pokemon's contact moves lower the opponent's Attack by 1.

Stats: 82 / 122 / 74 / 74 / 90 / 88 (BST: 530)
Movepool Changes: +Knock Off, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Recover
Description: Scarf Pivot + SD Sweeper. Pseudo-Intimidate with U-turn, can provide bulk to its SD sets with attack lowering STABs. feat. the ugliest stat spread ever created
Pokemon: Infernape
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability: Brazen - On switch in, gains the Steel-typing. When hit by a move, gains the Flash Fire effect but loses the Steel-typing.

Stats: 76 / 104 / 71 / 104 / 71 / 104 (BST: 530)
Movepool Changes: +Moonblast, Play Rough
Description: Boneless form change. Ability lets it better switch in as a choice user or boots pivot or set up with SD/CM/NP.

Pokemon: Meganium
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability: Lover's Vow - When the battle starts, a Pokemon of opposite gender on the user's team is chosen at random. When that Pokemon faints, the user is healed to full HP and receives that Pokemon's ability for the rest of the battle.

Stats: 100 / 72 / 125 / 73 / 100 / 60 (BST: 530)
Movepool Changes: Apple Acid, Recover
Description: I am clinically insane. Most of the time a defensive stat stick, but it pretty useful on stall teams for covering holes if, say, the Unaware wall dies. You could try to have some fun with some offensive sets, depending on what abilities we get.
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Given how fast everyone’s getting submissions in, I’m gonna issue out a 48 hour warning for everyone to finish up their subs. Then, depending on what they look like, we’ll either move into a revision phase or our first voting phase. Good luck everyone.
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Pokemon: Simisage
Ability Modified: Overgrow
New Ability: Undergrow- On switch in, Ingrains itself. Ingrain effect removed upon KOing an opponent with an attack.
Typing: Grass/Fighting
Stats: 85/98/83/98/83/101 (BST: 548)
Movepool Changes: Swords Dance
Description: Undergrow gives Simisage's set up sets (now have the choice between NP and SD) some extra recovery and an immunity to phasing. Of course, you are also locked into Simisage until you get a kill or faint, so be careful. Simisage's bulk has been upped quite a bit to make up for this.

Pokemon: Blaziken
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability: Maize- User's Grass type Ball and Bomb moves (aka Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, and Energy Ball) deal 1.3x damage and have a 20% chance of Leech Seeding the opponent
Typing: Fire/Grass
Stats: 80/120/70/110/70/80 (BST: 530)
Movepool Changes: Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball
Description: dudes got corn legs. drops powerful Seed Bombs (or Energy Balls if you wanna run special), or Bullet Seed is an offshoot Leech Seed.
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Made these with TheCoastsOfToast, thanks for the goated help :)

Pokémon: Empoleon
Ability Modified: Torrent
New Ability Name: Portent
New Ability Effect: This Pokemon takes 15% less damage from moves of over 90 BP
Typing: Water / Steel
Stats: 84 / 86 / 93 / 106 / 101 / 60
Movepool Changes: +Doom Desire, +Roost, +Flip Turn
Competitive Role: Mixed Defensive wall

Pokémon: Delphox
Ability Modified: Blaze
New Ability Name: Ablaze
New Ability Effect: If the target is inflicted with a non-volatile status, the user's Special attacks do 1.5x Damage
Typing: Fire / Ghost
Stats: 75 / 69 / 72 / 114 / 100 / 104
Movepool Changes: +Hex, +Destiny Bond, +Night Shade, +Ominous Wind, +Imprision, +Curse
Competitive Role: Special Wall Breaker

Pokémon: Venusaur
Ability Modifed: Overgrow
New Ability Name: Overmow
New Ability Effect: The user's Grass-type moves do double damage to resists (Grass-type Tinted Lens)
Typing: Grass / Poison
Stats: 80 / 72 / 73 / 110 / 85 / 105
Movepool Changes: N/A
Competitive Role: Special Breaker
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