Absol, viable in VGC 2014?

I have only ever messed around in regards to VGC play so have never really got used to the metagame and the strategies employed.

However I am entering a local tournament next week, and hopefully the UK nationals in May.

My question is, is Absol, and it's mega, viable at all, also what pairs well with it, and is there a playstyle best suited to it?

Thank you in advance


what if he kicks the ghost
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Absol and its mega are, unfortunately, some of the most underwhelming mega Pokemon available. In VGC, fast and frail is almost always a bad combination unless you have some interesting disruptive support or spread attacks in your movepool to back you up, the reason being how easy it is to take them out with a simple double target, priority, or a simple spread attack. Absol's mega has a few interesting quirks like a really strong STAB Sucker Punch and an immunity to Dark Void, but I don't think that alone is worth the opportunity cost of not using a top tier mega like Kangaskhan, Mawile, Charizard, or Manetric.
Thanks for the advice, as I stated I'm not too familiar with VGC in comparison to the singles meta game. If I were to choose it anyway, which is doubtful, what would be the best way to utilise it?

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