Achievements and Ladder Division on Showdown!

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This is a really cool idea, and it would most definately actually help serious ladderers. Treecko mentioned earlier that one might want to meet bad players on the ladder, thus recieving free points, BUT the ladder system works as a high risk / high reward system, as you gain way more points from beating a 1650 player than beating a 1150 player. Besides, it would probably make laddering a good deal more fun for good players, so they don't have to go through battling an eevee-lution on the Smogon Doubles ladder (something that happens way too often for me).

If this system would be implemented, I think the ladder quality would improve a great deal, except

for the fact that everyone starts off with 1007 ACRE. Would this mean that a fresh alt would only meet players with a bad rating, or would it mean that bad players with a fresh alt would meet anyone, thus making the new players / experienced players kind of hard to match up with opponents at their skill level, since you couldn't possibly know how skilled a 1007 player is. My question is, how would you match these players up on the ladder?
^ Perhaps a fix could entail that the account is 'in limbo' for their first 10 games and thus they just fight whomever? Completely random until the 11th game, perhaps?

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The problem with that is that each battle has two sides, and the other side will then have to be in limbo (or equally low ranked). Wouldn't that reduce the number of battles one would get? Personally I don't really have qualms with fighting poor battlers, but I agree that well-made achievements (and ladder division, though to a lesser extent) would definitely help the ladder a lot.
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