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19:00 March 4, 1922. Swiss Alps.

The snowy winter had continued to blast the mountainous region. Residents often claimed that you could hear the howls of a terrifying beast that lived high up in the Alps. Others said that a giant prehistoric creature flew among the peaks in search of human prey. Of course this was because the residents were isolated from much of the rest of the developed world up in the higher elevations. Little did they know that this “creature” or “thing” was none other than a small cargo plane that flew a delivery route between Berlin and Geneva.

Closer to the base of the mountains passenger trains made their usual route through the rough terrain to reach their destinations. These trains often carried the elite of society. Boisterous though they be, many of these elites carried a great grudge among each other because of the recent end of the Great War. Many of them were former members of the Austrian political circle. Others were Italians. The two parties were not particularly fond of one another.

Among these many people, was a lone Soviet ambassador who had a rather strange name considering his background, Acklow Cordois. A strange fellow himself, he had arrived to the station of the train via a vehicle developed by the inventor Nikola Tesla (a personal friend of Acklow). Acklow was sent by the leader of the Soviets, Vladimir Lenin. Though it looked as though Acklow was meant to follow through the proceedings at a meeting in Versailles (there was a discrepancy in the Treaty that was being looked over by nations that took part), his actual purpose was to spy on the people that were in charge of said proceedings. However, because of his Russian heritage, he set apart some time to celebrate on the train with many a pint of vodka.

It was this night that would turn the fates of those aboard this train around. A search with bloodlust. That night would bring not just a single death, but multitudes. And it all began with a few drops of cyanide.

Doctors of that day and age would secretly use cyanide on ill patients who were already in a poor state because they wanted to receive even more money. However, they would inject such minute amounts into their patients’ food, that it would be barely noticeable until the patient was already dead. This was not the case in this situation.

Acklow’s body was slumped over the counter. He did not move, nor was he capable of doing so. The numbness was quickly filling his entire body until he had lost the ability to function altogether. As people in the dining car began to notice the body of the man face down at the bar table, a quick spread of fear filled the cabin. One by one people began yelling at one another and pointing at each other. The words “He did it!” and “Murderer!” became used to such an extent that it was impossible to distinguish any regular conversation beyond them.

It was at this point that one man stood up. He was distinctly an Englishman, because he was holding a cup of tea in his hand and had a bit of an air around him that made people see that he really was English.

“Ahem! Now, my dear ladies and gentlemen, please calm down. I do believe that we must do this in an orderly fashion. As you can see our friend, the Russian ambassador, must be asleep. Can’t you tell that he drank a lot of vodka?”

Murmurs were heard across the cabin. Another man stood up. It was clear he was Italian. His jet-black hair accompanied the mustache on his face. He was a little obese - little being a word used lightly. As he spoke, his lips seemed to pucker up,

“I think not! I was a doctor in my younger years before I became a politician. This man, is indeed, dead!”

It quickly became the conclusion that he was poisoned through consumption, due to the lack of evidence of his body being mutilated or injected anywhere.

Finally a woman stood up. Unlike the previous two, her nationality was a little more obscure. However as soon as she spoke, her thick accent flew through the air in a whisp. She was Austrian; most likely the wife of one of the Austrian ambassadors aboard the train.

“If he is indeed poisoned, as you say, then the murderer must still be among us on this train! There is no reason that they would jump off in this blizzard with little chance of survival in this mountainous wilderness!”

Indeed, there was lack of evidence aboard the train of any exit by any living being. The conductor of the train quickly took control of the situation. He was Swiss, and naturally being neutral to any hostilities aboard the train, made certain that it was so thanks to his Swiss crewmen.

The question then arose: who was the murderer, and where was he?

Thus began, what would never be recorded in history, one of the most brutal murder mysteries to occur aboard a train.


-This game will have days and nights. The cycles lengths will be predetermined by myself, but I will try to make regular updates within a logical period of time.

-During the day, you will have the option to lynch someone. In order to do so, you will be required to include one piece of EVIDENCE you find during your investigations at night. By doing so you can cast your vote by posting the object of evidence, explaining how it relates to <USER>, and the phrase Lynch <USER>. During the day you will also be able to move between any train car freely.

-During the night, if your role comes equipped with any action, you may use it during this time only. You may also have private conversations with only one other user of your choice and that user must be in the same train car as you. In order to do so you will pm that user and will include me as a recipient in that pm. You may only do so a total of three times between each other. This is in order to maintain the feel of an NOC game. Otherwise I would just let you use IRC, but that would ruin the fluidity of this game.

-During the night, you will have the opportunity of investigating any object of interest (EVIDENCE) that was included in the update. To do so you may contact me via IRC or PM and let me know what you wanted to investigate. You will receive results of your investigation at the beginning of the day. You may only do so once per night.

-The win condition will remain the same across the board for all roles unless otherwise stated:
“Eliminate the murderer.”

-Upon death, you will receive one last chance at winning the game by guessing who the potential murderer is by telling me in private. If your guess is correct, you will win upon the end of the game, it will not be announced who you guess.

-Remember!! This is not necessarily 100% traditional mafia. Expect the unexpected and twists that you wouldn’t regularly imagine. This game is flavor-heavy. Be prepared to read and write lots. I would also recommend you trying to get into character and attempt a little bit of role-playing if possible to create a realistic atmosphere. Role-playing is not a requirement but it will make the game more interesting and fun if you can do so!!

-I maintain the right to adjust any rules. However for the sake of this game they will remain stagnant until further notice.

For the sake of visual representation and understanding, here is the layout of the train cars:

[[]Caboose[]]-[[Dining Car]]-[[Passenger Car]]-[[]Engine>>

Also since this is my 2K I’d like to make some shoutouts:

Alice - Had some great convos with this chick. She knows her anime fo sho. And she has an acquired taste too. AND she knows some Japanese. Solid respect. Here’s to another few years of discussing anime and manga down the road! :)

billymills - I see wat u did thar!

Daenym - ur not here. u make me :( pls come back. ty

Da Letter El - Who is Aclow and what has he done to Acklow?

Ditto: Cutest user ever. /me huggles

Empoof -


Fatecrashers - I remember we were all cool and stuff. Where are you brah, we barely even talk anymore.

General Spoon - Fellow Minnesotan. We gotta hang sometime and talk mafia stuff or something.

ginganinja - Somehow I forgot you. I SRY! Say hi to Fate for me if you see him. Also your sister is hawt.

HD - You told me you’d cohost this game but I sorta went ahead and am going to do it without you...sry :o

imperfectluck - Thanks for getting me into Silver II. LOL.

Jibaku - You’re so bad at League I don’t even know why I play with you. JK I’m bad at League too.

joshe - FAT & FOWL. Dude when are we hanging out?

jumpluff - You’re one of the most unique persons I know on the internet. We haven’t talked in a while so I hope everything is going fine on your end.

LightWolf - Tell billy to stop editing my thread. :P

Rayq - Varus is indeed stronger than Varus my friend.

Rodan - I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before but I’ll just echo those thoughts: you are awesome and an asset to Smogon. Keep up the awesomeness.

Spiffy - Lynch Spiffy

Steven Snype - Dude, I know we both suck at League, but I still remember the day I beat you on Shoddy. It wasn’t with a RestBliss tho.

Stone_Cold - Mang, we need to LoL some more. I recently picked up J4 and supported as him with Walrein. It was glorious. Also watch Zetsuen no Tempest for crying out loud.

theangryscientist - Get better internets mang. I wanna play League with you again. Also I hope you play this game :D

the pugilist - cuz you asked me to shout you out mang. Also dat AD Sej.

UncleSam - You better sign up for this or else.

Walrein - YOU NOOB. I probably talk/play League with you the most other than Jiba. You better sign up for this game fo sho. Also did I mention you’re a noob?

The #tf3 crowd: You guys are legit. I’m happy I made the move, and I know I can trust you guys with fun. We need to get our ranked team going some more, I feel that we’ve been slacking off too much.

The CAP ASB crowd: I don’t CAP ASB anymore but I don’t forget my roots. I’ve always had one single statement to make about CAP ASB and that is that if you return to what ASB initially is, I would not hesitate to rejoin the community. Unfortunately, you guys have been too technically-minded, playing numbers rather than building a story with every battle - which is why I left the establishment.

The a forum crowd: I may have not mentioned any of you but most of you guys are awesome. Some of you guys are annoying, but most of the people who are awesome actually are the saving graces of that forum. Thanks for the fun times!

The Circus Maximus crowd: Sorry if I forgot any big names, but most of the veterans are gone anyways so I can sadly say that anybody who is left is awesome for sticking around this long and you will be able to fully experience the hard (LOL) work that I put into this game for the past 3 years.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Oh and signups end whenever I get ideally around 12 people (if I get way more that's cool too, but like I mentioned in the OP, 14 is max and any more than that will be hard for me to work with).
Dang, I'd participate, but holidays will make me much so much of the game that ain't gonna work. It sounds like a real fun NOC game too. Good luck to everyone, and congrats Acklow on your 2k!

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aclow pls

thank anachronism for that

also i dont think i can play in 2 games at once if im gonna do it big in the big sorry :(
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