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PS has the neat feature of html rooms (used by Mafia chat plugin, and the /chatlog command, among other things), and I was thinking it'd add a good deal of customizability if bots (possibly restricted to global bots if this is considered too powerful) could create those HTML rooms and send them to users, to allow for some interesting customizability for bots.

Also, having the option of some sort of working input fields in those pages would be neat (even if they can only execute very simple functions) so they can be used for inputting various bot settings or search queries but I imagine that'd be much harder to implement than just having a command to send a htmlroom.
i agree with this idea - but i think it should be implemented slightly differently. * or # can create these rooms which would be like a subpage of that room (eg, the page would be called [name]-room), and the html for this page can be altered at any time and also viewed by anyone who has the name. the input fields would be very helpful i agree.
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The application I had in mind was to go along with various room games (like showing your hand in Survivor's "TTP" botgame), which doesn't really work if the page is the same for everyone, rather than sending page data to specific users.

Edit: Having both would probably be ideal
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Done and available upon next chat hotpatch.
for bot owners looking, you can send with "/sendhtmlpage [targetuser], [pagid], [html content]".
Users can request a page from your bot by joining the chat page "view-bot-${botid}-${pageid}", which will send " `|pm|${}|${}||requestpage|${}|${pageid}`" so you'll need to parse that to use it.

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