Approved Add a gen 8 Stadium (BSS/VGC) parameter for searches


It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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Sorry if this has been requested before or if there's already a way to do this (I couldn't find it in "/help ds" at least).

This is something relevant to gen 8 VGC and BSS, where Pokemon are only allowed to have movesets that can be learned from scratch within generation 8.
It would be nice to be able to use the PS search commands with a parameter implemented to act as a filter.

For example, I would like to search all the Pokemon that can use Toxic in these two formats (i.e. learns Toxic in gen 8), instead of the 500+ pokemon that can use it in gen 8 by transferring from past generations.

Please make it usable for movesearch as well as it can help in cases like when you want to see what moves a Pokemon can use to trigger Max Airstream.

Thanks in advance.

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