Pending Add every item (for Challenge Cup's 1v1)

While playing CC1v1, I noticed that the Water Stone is able to be held and rolled, yet the Potion doesn't even exist in PS despite having the same effect. In the current state of CC1v1, your chance of getting a (useless) item out of the item pool is dependent on an outside factor/human element, of whichever (useless) items were chosen to be added to the simulator over others that weren't. Adding all the (holdable) items would not be worth the time and effort, but it makes CC1v1 a more fair and complete format in the end.

EDIT (11/18/2019): An edit after the advent of Gen 8. It has introduced 6 new competitively relevant items (Eject Pack, Heavy Duty Boots, Throat spray, Room service, Blunder policy, Utility Umbrella [though not in PS at the moment]) as well as 11 useless items (7 sweets, 2 apples, and 2 pots). Since we still don't know how Pokemon Home's transferring mechanics will specifically work, based on historical evidence I will accept that some items will not be seeing the light of legality in Gen 8 (RIP Discount Coupon). Despite this inconvenience, I still maintain my suggestion for proper item representation. National items like the Ice Heal have been here since the beginning, and have been hold-able ever since GS, many others having perfect attendance or re-emerging in recent campaigns, but they are nowhere to be found in Pokemon Showdown. To get back on topic of this edit, I thank you develooers for keeping these humble items in mind in these stressful times and sparing a thought for them. Together we can make a start on a better tomorrow.

EDIT (2/8/2020): TRs are out and about; a hint of things to come.
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TRs are here because some move (apparently Fling) uses them.

I don't think there's much interest in adding any completely-useless item, though. I'm not opposed, I guess. I would have to see what other people think.

Random formats can filter them out, I suppose.
I don't think there's much interest in adding any completely-useless item, though. I'm not opposed, I guess. I would have to see what other people think.

Random formats can filter them out, I suppose.
As a Hackmons Cup player, I both detest and support this suggestion.
Firstly, free Tin of Beans, the greatest item in existence.

Secondly, the last time new items were added (TRs) the small but proud Hackmons Cup community was a little bummed at the new wave of mostly useless items. A few members of the random battles room auth and I entertained the idea of grouping items by function for item generation in the challenge cup formats. The idea was to make the formats a bit more interesting by having actually valuable items have a higher chance of generating without undermining the philosophy that "any possible combination that could be hacked in is legal."

We were able to group all items into one of 16 categories, such as "TRs", "Detrimental items", "Consumable non-berry items" "Pokemon-specific items", etc.. The idea was that if we could give each category an equal chance of generating, and then further generate one item from within that category, we could a) increase the chances of interesting items spawning, b) future-proof the challenge cup formats against new useless items from further flooding the pool, and c) allow a system where we don't have to arbitrarily cut off adding items if we don't want to for the sake of these communities. All the while maintaining the integrity of the CC philosophy. Of course, justifying putting in the coding effort of adding new items in the future is a whole other story, but at least those decisions wouldn't have to impact the CC1v1/HC community.

As it stands, Pokemon Showdown technically still hasn't satisfied making a perfect recreation of the games because of the wealth of Flingable-yet-otherwise-useless out there. It seems rather arbitrary to have added TRs but not the camping items like Tin of Beans (with its glorious 80bp fling). Of course, a big fan of Hackmons Cup myself, I'd feel pretty bad if a bunch of worthless items were added without some kind of fix attached, but for sake of argument it is odd that we've stopped where we have. TRs and the pokeballs are already pretty darn worthless.

The list of items in their categories if you are so inclined.
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