Pending Add Peak ELO Ratings to Showdown Ladder + Feature to Sort the Ladder based on ELO, Peak ELO, GXE, Glicko


Currently the showdown ladder includes ELO, GXE, and Glicko ratings. I think another useful rating to include in the ladder is the Peak ELO Rating of a player.

Obviously, such a number might vary across time depending on popularity of the metagame so it might not be directly comparable among players who played during different periods, but many players take a break (temporary or permanent) from playing and their peak ELO rating is lost due to decay. It would be nice to have a historical record of the peak ELO rating a player has achieved which preserves their "best" performance on the ladder. And let's admit - it feels good to see your highest ELO alongside what might now be a decayed ELO of 1500 after not having played for sometime. Although things like GXE and Glicko are preserved (other than the deviations) and do a much better job of reflecting a player's true skill, I think seeing peak ELO ratings would be cool, nostalgic, and perhaps somewhat useful.

In addition, it would be nice to be able to sort the ladder based on ELO, peak ELO, GXE, and Glicko rating metrics. This shouldn't put a lot of load on the server since the ladder gets constantly updated almost all the time and you have to only sort the top 500 numbers. And I also imagine people wouldn't sort the ladder in this way all the time but rather on an occasional basis out of sheer curiosity.

My request - Please add Peak ELO Ratings to Showdown Ladder and also include another Feature to Sort the Ladder based on ELO, Peak ELO, GXE, Glicko

Thank you!
Bumping this request because I think this isn't a terrible idea at all. If it is, please let me know why because I am a bit disappointed not hearing directly from the admins. Sorry to say, but I see many other silly requests getting approved.

Upon further discussion with a current top 5 Ubers Player, it would also be cool to introduce "Average ELO" since an average player can enter a lucky win streak causing their ELO to be way higher than their true ELO. The reverse is also true - an above average player can enter a bad losing streak causing their perceived ELO to be way lower than their true ELO.

What's more interesting - the performance of many players on the ladder tends to rise and fall way more than someone who is able to consistently maintain a high stable position on the ladder. In this case, the latter player is clearly the more skilled because of a better "Average ELO". Therefore, something like an "Average ELO" would help capture the consistency of players much better than real-time ELO's.

It would be great to hear directly from the admins/moderators as to what they think about this request.

Thank you.

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