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Pending Add seperate "Nonexistent" qualifiers

Obtainable All would be the 1:1 equivalent to "illegal", so that it is eaiser to understand, takes less time to make tours, and to have an easier tour code transfer. Its just obtainable, whoops
EDIT: obtainable doesn't work like that but idk if its a bug

Meanwhile adding Nonexistent categories would make the tours more customizable, like adding Pokestars/CAP to Gen 7, or having a 24v24 AG match
Categories for Nonexistent X:
- Pokemon: Unobtainable, unreleased, CAP, and future/past pokemon
- Team: Team size up to 24
- Moves + Abilities: Unobtainable, Magikarp's Revenge, unreleased, CAP, and future/past moves
- Abilities: Unobtainable, unreleased, CAP, and future/past abilities
- Move Count: 24 Moves
- Level: Up to Level 9999
- Misc: Everything else (items mostly)
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