Pending Add Sword and Shield trainer avatars for everyone

Hi everyone
I have been working, with the help of Pujolly and Altthiel for touch-ups (and the Bede), on a couple generation 8 trainer avatars for PS, inspired by the huge work gnomowladny put into the gen6 trainers avatars we got earlier this year.
We asked The Immortal if there was a way they could be implemented for everyone, and they gave us permission to post in here.

Sprites 8G.png

If any of these needs to be reworked, we'll gladly do it so that everybody on PS can use them.
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Unfortunately, many of these are not up to our quality standards.
Brumirage I´ve done two Custom Avis for PS so i´m familiar with the quality and technical requirements; also i´ve known Pujo for some time now and consider him a friend and a great staff partner! So if u wanna, i could gladly help yall review and correct them, trying to give my cup of tea so at least most of them suffice the criteria and can be approved.
Working would sure be easier if we had a clear view on that, however we don't.
As such it is quite difficult for us to pinpoint what's to change and what's to keep about those sprites.

Although we won't give up and will keep on iterate on this project until it's finally recognised as serious quality work!
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