ADV ADV Global Championship 2023: Round 2 [Stage Two @ Post 94]

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Okay bracket math hours

gonna have to call act since i m going to bed now and my opp hasnt answered/been on
Granted, new matchup is
Churielix vs Astoria

Got given the win
RealJester 2:0 false
Quarante8 and RealJester were both 1-0 coming into this stage and their opponents for their extensions were 0-1. Extension matchups are eliminated from the bracket and the opponents originally given placeholders for each extension are matched against each other. New matchups:
Hclat vs Jimothy Cool
pokology vs Leftwingbo
Tiempo perdido del oponente; acto de llamada.



Why don't you post everything? She/He told me that it was at 12 pm on my schedule is midnight for me, which I complied with and he interpreted to me that it was at 12 on her time and challenged me at 12 noon. that is not my problem. I posted my schedule early on on his smogon profile and never got a response, had to add him and talk to discord.

That's why I ask for an act of calling. because he did not respect or comply with my schedule from the beginning, knowing that I told him the schedule that I could and that it was -5.
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We had a problem with jetou of confusion and communication, so we asked for an extension to play tomorrow at 7:30 pm -5. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
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