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Welcome to the ADV NU Cup, one of the tournaments in this year's NU Classic! This year, the NU Classic is part of the NU Circuit, so you're able to earn points toward the NU Circuit Playoffs.

Tournament Rules:

  • General Tournament Rules:
  • This will be a single elimination, best of three tournament.
  • All tournament games must be played on Pokemon Showdown!, and replays are required for all rounds. It is preferable to play on Smogtours and if players disagree on which server to play on, Smogtours is the default.
  • Each round will last one week. If you and your opponent are unable to schedule despite both players making an effort, extensions of up to 3 days may be granted. If one player fails to attend a scheduled time or does not make a genuine effort to schedule, an activity win may be awarded to the other player at the tournament host's discretion. If neither player makes an effort to schedule, the host may "coinflip" the win, awarding it at random. Please schedule publicly so as to ensure activity wins are judged correctly. See the Tournament Scheduling Guidelines for further information.
Post "in" to sign up. Signups will be open for one week, until August 14th, 2023, at 11:59pm GMT-4

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