ADV ADV OU Global Championships 2022: Round 1 Tie breaker in Post #141

You are kidding."ggs"
it was big ultra BG

It's so frustrating when you outplay your opponent and lose.
And it wasn't just the G2 my friend.
You stole me in the G3 too,
there were nothing less than 5 critical hits in your favor.
where 3 of them were very relevant.
If no hax no win.
sorry but this is true


Banned deucer.
i logged on now. soz for delay

asking for a dl delay. well get this done asap

my opponent tries to get the act win now and isnt bothered in trying to play.
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Private  vs  ToasterBoi420 - private gets act toasterboi didnt respond to attempt to schedule
Aocry  vs  Pharcyde - aocry gets win pharcyde responded very late

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