ADV ADV OU Winter Seasonal #1: Round 1

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My opponent hasn't replied since the initial message he left me on my wall. I tried to contact him via Discord too. :(


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Extensions (until Wednesday 23:59pm GMT 0):

The Kyle vs TonyFlygon
Bro Kappa vs Le Sabreur

Activity wins:

Shogarth vs AAamen - Shogarth didn't respond to AAamen's second VM when suggesting a time to play
thelinearcurve vs zugubu royale - zugubu royale missed scheduled time twice
Louna vs Robert - Louna didn't reply to Robert's VM
Staxi vs Wamr - Wamr said he could play on Tuesday or Wednesday and wanted Staxi to VM him back, and he didn't
Sadlysius vs London Beats - Better activity
Zesty43 vs Ampha - They scheduled for Saturday after ST, but Zesty didn't show up
Elias PSY vs .Mx - Mx didn't reply until after a week after the initial VM, then missed scheduled time
HashMoney vs wyc2333 - HashMoney missed scheduled time
Acsel vs Royal1604 - They were going to play Sunday, but Royal1604 was on whereas Acsel wasn't
Pais vs Kingler12345 - No response on discord

Coin flips:


R2 will be up soon
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