ADV ADV OU Winter Seasonal #1 - Round 2


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I don't really like to do this but it can't be helped.

We scheduled for today at 9PM GMT+1 ; I have been online on the main server under Teclis from 8:30PM to now (11:20PM) and my opponent has not shown up, leaving a profil post asking if I was there - which was the case. Having seen this I've looked for him both on the main server and smogtours, and he is displayed as offline (since recently as indicated by his avatar remaining) on all his alts I know. I posted a message on the Ruins of Alph room just in case he logged out under another account and was around, replied to his VM here but have not got any more sign of life from him since. It is a bit late by me right now and I'll go to bed soon so...requesting either an extension or an activity win I guess.
Extensions (until Wednesday 11:59pm GMT -5):

Googly vs Hyogafodex
Groudon vs Winterains
Teclis vs Robert
Ampha vs Steven Snype
Pais vs Algeria
CKW vs Shoka
Maxwellime vs Zesty43


The Kyle vs thelinearcurve -
byronthewellwell vs Shakaji - No reply to VM
SiTuM vs Paraflinch - SiTuM missed scheduled time
Alpha Rabbit vs Batt' - No visible activity from either side, but Batt's last seen date was 2 weeks ago
dragonitenb vs .Mx - No reply to VM
HashMoney vs Hclat - No reply to VM



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