ADV ADV OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Round 1 (No Longer Accepting Subs)

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My opponent missed the time. Not super sure if I can request an activity win, since we scheduled via PM.
Requesting an extension for my searies vs Oathkeeper. We have scheduled a time for monday 12(noon) gmt+2. We tried to play earlier but timezones + work schedules made it hard

edit: we played, won 2-0
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Calling act. My opponent answered me twice once day, he hasnt answered anymore times since then.Also, he hasnt shown any activity since wednesday.Sorry if I am doing something wrong, I am very new to the forums and this one is my first tourney ever.



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Claiming act. We scheduled on discord for Fri 20:00 +3, but i needed to reschedule to Sat. On Sat, my opps internet wasnt working properly, and we resched for Sun 18:00 +3. I waited untill 21:00 cuz i wanted to play, but i think Its not happening.
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