OU ADV OverUsed Ladder Achievements

Claiming bronze ability challenge.

This is my first forum post ever. I know it’s not much, but I started playing gen 3 OU less than a month ago (thanks JimCool), and I’m proud of it. I even crafted the main team I used myself, and I’m starting to get more confident in the team builder.

Edit: added pic for proof of account ownership. And yeah I do actually play showdown on a cellphone.

also I didn’t save the proof but I did beat ldeo in one of my games lololol I didn’t know he was rank 3

last edit I actually did save the game against ldeo


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Claiming Bronze in Guts and Spirit. I think i am missing one replay out of them all but i screenshot it so no big deal. I forfeited that match thats the screenshot one. here is 19 replays and remember the lost replay was a forfeit by me.


Claiming Bronze Knowledge. Not the world's greatest achievement but I'm just proud I built a good team for once lol
EDIT: Also claiming Bronze Spirits with a mono Normal team. Fully half of those games are me getting to ~1190, getting haxed to death, winning the next game, repeat. I wanted to go for 1300 but that's definitely not happening tonight lol. s/o to the one guy I matched into who also had a mono normal team, I did that on an earlier attempt with a Miltank instead of Pory2 so it's not in the replay list but you're a bro. Normal is fun bc for the most part I feel like all the mons contribute roughly equally, trying to build other types I always felt like I had at least 2 mons that were just kind of hanging out.


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Claiming Bronze knowledge! After a ~15 year hiatus I have come back to play ADV ou and achieved this after about 3 weeks of on and off play. Had to retool my ancient team a bit. The game is very different now. Wish netbattle had had a ladder feature. Lol

Things that took me by surprise:
- People running special defense on Skarmory . . very annoying!
- Speaking of Skarm, Drill Peck / Hp flying used to be standard, now most run no attacks??
- a LOT of protect.
- Mixed mence everywhere? Dragon claw?? Not a thing when I played at all. Luckily I get a lot of turn 1 ohkos with my cb mence due to this.
- literally nobody running Gyarados
- Toxic EVERYWHERE. Had to change my Snorlax to immunity (thick fat used to be a viable ability). I do not remember toxic being this prevalent at all
- Blisseys not running atherapy / healbell as standard. Also much less stoss.
- Way less baton pass bullshit, Thank GOD

Probably more stuff. Game is very fun. Love shitting on people and then getting shitted on next game. Happy to be back.




I FINALLY hit 1600. Claiming silver knowledge. *EDIT* claiming bronze brave as well top 100! Been doing a lot of grinding and finally caved and made a boring spikes stall team (with inspiration from games against Vapicuno). I hate that I got 1600 on a forfeit, but to be sure I was playing the game pretty well. I had already trapped and killed jirachi and rapid spun away his spikes and it was all downhill from there for him.

Thank you to all the legends for schooling me (Vapicuno, Mead) and especially Hclat. I feel bad about arguing with you and I wanna apologize. Out of the hundreds of games I played, the one I played against you I remember clearest because I was too stubborn to admit that you were right that I blew my wincon. Seriously, sorry for the salt.

Anyway, see y’all on the ladder.

Replay of my 1600 (unfortunate forfeit) win: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen3ou-1969998216-6r6aapaos6qv1p5z2xmwg7fip7hse03pw


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