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I’m sure this is fine, but could you show me some of your monotype/other bl replays? I can’t seem to find them?
I have all of the monotype replays, but i forgot to save most of the guts achievement replays.
All Monotype replays are saved publicly under the account Cdijk16-MonotypeCdijk16-Monotype.
Edit: Actually, nvm, I checked and they're saved privately. I'll post them all in 5 mins.
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fomerly Cristian Jimenez
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johnny edit -- unfortunately, this was below +/- 50 glicko, but I saw you laddered more and got it, so I'm gonna count it.


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Hello again, dear friends of mine.

I have once more returned, have you longed at all for my presence? I know I have missed all of you greatly.

With my return I would like to stake my claim for the Bronze Ability trophy. After many moons I was finally able to acquire the necessary skills (and luck) to reach a GXE of 75, while still playing a sufficient amount of games to further prove my worth to the one responsible for granting me my accolades.

It was a Herculean task for me to achieve this, for I would often get matched up against the literal fiends of the ADV OU ladder. These creatures, possessing a rating that I would not dare dream of as it would certainly corrupt my ability to function in modern day society, would trounce all over me and my meager abilities; leaving me decimated and overwhelmed by their savoir fair of the game they so desperately cling to. I must admit, dear reader, as was evident from my earlier communication, I would once again be overcome with the urge to offend and affront, spurn and shun, my opponent. These ugly temptations of mine did not gain the upper hand of my clear conscience, dear friends of mine. Consequently, I am again able to communicate with you in a manner befitting a fellow of my stature, with unwavering dauntlessness and brimming with gallant.

Nevertheless, through my unwavering tenacity and perseverance, I was able to steadfastly head into the depths of human depravity once more in order to bring many a child to their knees and send them shrieking back to the pit between stars. A fate perhaps worse than death itself...

My skills, though they are insubstantial to the more well known warlocks that populate the ADV OU hellscape, are undoubtedly increasing as days pass. I am better than yesterday, I shudder and tremble at the thought of what tomorrow's version of myself can inflict upon others; I pray my moral sense and ethics will keep me in check, so as to not fall prey to haughtiness. Dear friends, will you also hold yourself to such a standard, as to not inflict pain and suffering upon yourself and those not deserving of it? After all, when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2)

The teams I used this time around were crafted by McMeghan. A true genius of his time, one that will not be forgotten and whose teams will most certainly stand the test of time. I quite like his teams. You can find them in his post discussing his immaculate performance during the most recent SPL.

Would you look at the time! It would seem we must bid each other farewell another time. As sad as it may be, I cannot resist the enticement of even greater prestige that can be found in that accursed land; its charm is as irresistible as nectar, while its pain is as abhorrent as the most brutal forms of torture. Knowing this I must still press on, perhaps I can reach a GXE of 80%... Only the Lord would know to answer to that, it is out of my hands.

Goodbye. May we meet again in the future, hopefully with good news in tow.


Submitting this replay for both Surgical Strike and Taken By Storm. Opponent forfeited with three left on turn 11, and I believe I complete the sweep by turn 15 if they played the game out.

Edit: Also just got Silver Knowledge, so I figured I'd submit it along with Bronze Brave. Wishing I bothered to submit to this when my 1608 was enough for Rank 8 late last year lmao.
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