Tournaments ADV PL II - Player Signups [Auction: March 26th @ 1 PM GMT -4]

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Username: GoldenPlaysPokemon
Timezone: GMT+11
Tiers played: ADV OU
Forseen inactivity: Generally busy during the day (work hours), working most weekends, generally have a couple days off during the week and free most evenings


beware of coco
is a Top Tutor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion
Username: coco
Timezone: GMT +1
Tiers played: ADV OU and maybe ADV UU(only if you provide teams)
Forseen inactivity: I can not always guarantee my presence into the chat, but as a man of honor, I will help as much as I can my mates by bringing charisma, moral support and help with building and also try to bring lots of wins to my team :)


Que no respiren, que no respiren!
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Username: javitu/hoopitu
Timezone: javitu
Tiers played: OU
Forseen inactivity: N
Huge experience in adv rands
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