Tournament AGPL II - Grand Finals [Won by Salt Mining Sableyes]

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  • Remember that you must follow all rules found here.
  • You must schedule using smogon VMs, as it is the easiest way for me to determine scheduling and activity for activity calls. If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the other manager for potential substitutes.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag myself, the manager of the opposing team, and all players involved in order to make sure that everyone is aware. Players that have already played in a given week, or were already subbed out, cannot be subbed in in the same week.
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.
  • Replays MUST BE posted here so that we can keep track of usage stats (and all get to watch some awesome AG games of course!)
  • Managers: Please send your lineups in the order that has been posted below in the following weeks as it will just make it easier for me going forward.
:sableye:(5) Salt Mining Sableyes vs Precious Pichus (1):pichu:
BO3 Multigen Fardin vs pichus
National Dex aesf vs Monsareeasy
National Dex Andyboy vs Ainzcrad
National Dex xavgb vs 64 Squares
Galar Dex Zesty43 vs TrueNora
USM highlighter vs power
USM Jrdn vs Zayele
ORAS Leru vs HunterStorm

Good Luck to all, deadline for finals is Sunday 9th August at 11:59PM GMT+1!​
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ndex ou people are stingy with their likes so I thought I might as well post some predicts

:sableye:(4) Salt Mining Sableyes vs Precious Pichus (4):pichu:
BO3 Multigen Fardin (45) vs pichus (55) -highlight match for me. both are pretty even in natdex in my eyes, fardin's going to bring his usual surprise techs but if pichus can prep for well for that she should have a good shot. She's also the more well-rounded usum player to me, oras is a toss-up but both are good at it so it should also be good.
National Dex aesf (60) vs Monsareeasy (40) - both can play well, I'd say aesf is better though and if he preps well should take this
National Dex Andyboy (55) vs Ainzcrad (45) - same as above, andy's just more well-rounded and experienced as a player than boyn imo
National Dex xavgb (60) vs 64 Squares (40) - both are good, would usually back 64 on ag experience but lack of motivation for prep and playing hurts his chances a lot
Galar Dex Zesty43 (40) vs TrueNora (60) - nora's 5-0 in galar so he's obv favoured, but zesty is also a very good player in general and has to ability to surprise nora w/ his team choices
USM highlighter (49) vs power (51) - both solid players, I expect both to get passed teams so comes down to which team preps better imo. if I had to pick one it'd be power since pichus have a slight edge in the builder imo
USM Jrdn (45) vs Zayele (55) - another hl match. both are very good at usum, i'd back jrdn playing wise but zayele has the advantage in the builder
ORAS Leru (60) vs DonnotheFirst (40) - w/o hunter and thimo support the sabs have the builder advantage and leru is the better player, but it's oras so donno could easily take the win edit: *IF HE SHOWS UP*
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some predicts. take w many grains of salt as i missed 6/8 predicts last wk, including predicting for a player who has been MIA for the last few weeks

:sableye:(8) Salt Mining Sableyes vs Precious Pichus (0):pichu:
BO3 Multigen xavgb vs pichus
National Dex xavgb vs Monsareeasy
National Dex xavgb vs Ainzcrad
National Dex xavgb vs 64 Squares
Galar Dex xavgb vs TrueNora
USM xavgb vs power
USM xavgb vs Zayele
ORAS xavgb vs DonnotheFirst

in all seriousness, this should be a close one, cant wait to see you all play
Won gg

This was one of the most fun tours i've ever been in loved my team and super happy we could keep our momentum going into the finish and pull this off not gonna do individual shoutouts besides our manager but y'all were great hope we can do this again sometime. Fardin you were one sick manager man thanks for being willing to take a risk and draft the OM Goon squadron we were hoping for and building us insane amounts of teams, giving us input and also listening to what we wanted to use without saying it was bad when we were learning, encouraging us when we lost and won, and just being a hard working supportive manager you almost had 14,500 messages in that cord easily one of the best managers i've ever had would love to be on your team again.

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