Tournament AGPL IV - Player Signups [CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE]

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Welcome to the fourth iteration of the Anything Goes Premier League! This tournament is long (5 weeks regular season and 2 weeks playoffs, not including tiebreakers) so keep in mind that you must be available throughout its duration. This means that you should be active from early June to mid-August. Signing up as a player means that you have made a commitment to not only being active but also to be a positive presence. Regardless of your team's performance and playoff chances, you will play with sportsmanship and contribute to your team. Poor behavior in regards to this will be noticed and will affect future managers view on your worth in the future.

The format for AGPL IV is the following:
  • Bo3 Multigen (SS / USUM / ORAS)
  • SS Anything Goes
  • SS Anything Goes
  • SS Anything Goes
  • ND Anything Goes
  • SM Anything Goes
  • SM Anything Goes
  • ORAS Anything Goes
Please only sign up for formats you are willing to play. Do not sign up for a metagame you do not wish to play throughout the tournament.
Player signups will stay open until ~24 hours before the auction - the date for this is not fixed yet, but projected to be sometime during the weekend of June 11th.

Please use this provided format for your signup:

Player Name:
Foreseen Inactivity:
Only post your signup here.


The teams for AGPL IV and their associated discords are:

Streaming Sky Serpents - Managed by Icemaster and baconeatinassassin

Limitless Lycanrocs - Managed by Kate and WSun1

Spheal Ordeal - Managed by Fc and lotiasite -

Salt Mining Sableyes - Managed by Guard and pannuracotta -

Lion's Den - Managed by Skarph and pichus -

Crooked Crobats - Managed by cromagnet and susciety

After signing up, you may consider joining each team's discord to try out!
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