I made this thread since the last one (and I did search) apparently did not meet the standards of the mods. Alakazam deserves a thread to post in!

Type: Psychic
Base Stats: 55, 50, 45, 135, 85, 120
Abilities: Synchronize, Inner Focus
DW ability: Magic Guard

New Moves Italic, Noted Moves Bolded

Lv1: Teleport
[LEFT]Lv1: Kinesis
Lv1: Confusion 
Lv16: Confusion 
Lv18: Disable
Lv22: [B]Miracle Eye[/B] 
Lv24: [I]Side Change[/I]
Lv28: Psybeam 
Lv30: [B]Reflect[/B]
Lv34: [I]Telekinesis[/I]
Lv36: [B]Recover[/B]
Lv40: Psycho Cut
Lv42: [B]Calm Mind[/B]
Lv46: [B]Psychic[/B]
Lv48: Future Sight 
Lv52: [B]Trick[/B][/LEFT]
Learnable Tms​

TM03 - [B][I]Psycho Shock[/I][/B], TM04 - [B]Calm Mind[/B], TM06 - [B]Toxic[/B], TM10 - [B][I]Hidden Power[/I][/B], 
TM11 - Sunny Day, TM12 - [B]Taunt[/B], TM15 - Hyper Beam, TM16 - [B]Light Screen[/B], 
TM17 - Protect, TM18 - Rain Dance, TM19 - [I]Telekinesis[/I], TM20 - Safeguard, 
TM21 - Frustration, TM27 - Return, TM29 - Psychic, TM30 - [B]Shadow Ball[/B], 
[LEFT]TM32 - Double Team, TM33 - Reflect, TM41 - Torment, TM42 - Facade, [/LEFT]
TM44 - Rest, TM45 - Attract, TM46 - Thief, TM48 - [I]Troll[/I], 
[LEFT]TM51 - [I]Side Change[/I], TM52 - [B]Focus Blast[/B], TM53 - [B]Energy Ball[/B], TM56 - Fling, 
TM57 - [B]Charge Beam[/B], TM63 - Embargo, TM68 - Giga Impact, TM70 - Flash, 
TM73 - [B]Thunder Wave[/B], TM77 - Psych Up, TM85 - Dream Eater, TM86 - [B]Grass Knot[/B], 
TM87 - Swagger, TM90 - [B]Substitute[/B], TM92 - Trick Room[/LEFT]
Egg Moves
[B]Knock Off[/B]
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Power Trick
Guard Swap
Skill Swap
[I][B]Guard Share[/B][/I]
Overview: Alakazam has always been between the border of Uu and Ou. However, we a new generation comes new toys for our magically named friend to play with. Magic Guard is a fantastic addition to any pokemon and Alakazam is very appreciative of being able to use it meaning that when it has access to its dream world ability it has no worry of any nondamaging effects including hazards, status, life orb, weather, and more. Alakazam also recieve Psycho Shock which finally gives it the ability to do some form of mixed play.

Noted New Move Descriptions

Psycho Shock: Psychic, Special, 80, 100, 10
Effect: Does physical damage

Guard Share: Psychic, Other, 100, 10
Effect: You share your defensive stats with your opponent (add them up, divide by 2, that's what each pokemon gets)

Example Movesets

Life Orb Abuser
Nature: Modest/Timid
Evs: 252 sp attack, 252 Timid
Ability: Magic Guard
Item: Life Orb
Moves: Psychic/Psycho shock, Hp Fire/Shadow ball, Focus Blast, Grass Knot/Calm Mind

Notes: Pretty straight forward, you're either going all out on attacks or mixing in the calm mind. With Magic Guard you no longer have to worry about the damage from life orb killing you which is a huge bonus. However, Alakazam will always have to watch out for Scizor and any other physical priority/pursuit user as it still has a very weak defense and low hp.

Nature: Modest/Timid
Evs: 252 Sp attack, 252 Timid
Ability: Magic Guard
Item: Leftovers/Life Orb
Moves: Psychic/Psycho shock, Substitute, Hp fire/Focus Blast, Recover/shadow ball

Notes: Substitute gives Alakazam a bit more durability than it had before. The item choice is up to you though leftovers is probably more appreciated since Zam may not always have time to recover. If you feel like just wacking away though you could remove recover all together, give Subzam Focus Blast and a life orb, and just go all out. However, in this case it is probably a very good idea to pair it up with a wish passer to heal Zam up for when it gets low.

Discuss Gen 5 alakazam! (this is not a thread to discuss tiers)
Alakazam is loving magic guard switching on with no entry hazards threatening it. I think a choiced set would help it since it can constantly switch in and out without any fear of hazards. Ttar might be a problem but ttar is always the problem.
This is a nice boost for Alakazam, although it still suffers from being priority and pursuit bait. I don't have the time to write up a whole set, but focus sash sets are now more viable, especially as you have recover. If they switch to scizor as you recover, they can't OHKO you while you can maybe KO back.

Recover + Guard Share is also pretty interesting. Blissey can't touch you, and I doubt Nattorei can after a guard share. Magic guard negates leech seed and toxic, which is great. Basically, you can force out some walls and tanks while stealing their defenses. If you have focus sash and recover back to it, even better. So maybe Guard Swap / Recover / HP fire / Psychic? Not great coverage, but what can you do.
Psycho Shock, Guard Share, and Magic Guard are appreciated new tools.

I don't see Scizor and Alakazam being given the same tier, so that is a non issue.


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Here is a Trick set.

Alakazam @ Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
Synchronize / Magic Guard
Timid / Modest
4 HP / 252 SPA / 252 SPE

Focus Blast
Shadow Ball / Charge Beam / Energy Ball / Psycho Shock

Edit: HP Fire is also a decent option in the last moveslot if you want to predict a Scizor switch-in. Bullet Punch or Pursuit would wreck any Alakazam not holding a Focus Sash. Note that I favor Synchronize as the ability, as Magic Guard isn't terribly useful on this set, as it is not meant to survive attacks. No one would try to defeat Alakazam through passive damage; they will just attack. Paralysis ruins its efforts, though.
Alakazam with Magic Guard + Focus Sash is awesome.
This. nothing that counters the frail Alakazam is going to like you being guaranteed to survive one attack.
a 'luring set' of Psycho Shock / Focus Blast / HP Fire / Shadow Ball, Focus Sash? gets T-Tar/Scizor/etc in, but they're the ones that don't survive the encounter.
Glad that Zam got somethin goin' for him in this generation. With Psycho Shock, it's definitely gonna be eating up counters like Blissey, and with Magic Guard... Well it's Magic Guard! Who wouldn't appreciate it? I'm thinking the SubEncore set of Zam would work pretty well with this...

Ability: Magic Guard
Evs: 40 HP/ 252 SpAtk/ 216 Spe
~Psycho Shock
~Focus Blast

Sub on a switch, Encore the counter's move. If it's a stat up, then you can go offensive, or switch to an appropriate counter. If they break the sub, switch to something that can resist the move. Simple, easy, strong. Sandstorm and SR/Spikes appreciated, especially since it doesn't hurt Zam now! Hazaaaa!
I'm just going to copy-paste a Guard Share set I posted in the old thread:
Alakazam @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Timid
EVs: (don't really know, but the standard 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP will probably work)
- Guard Share
- Recover / Substitute
- Psycho Shock
- Shadow Ball / Focus Blast

Basically, scout with Substitute and if the opponent sends in something bulky, use Guard Share in order to lower their defensive stats while improving your own. Recover is also a good idea, since you'll be able to actually make some use of your improved defenses, although you won't know for sure what your opponent is going to bring in, so you could end up Guard Sharing a pokémon with poor defenses. In general, using this may be a bit troublesome as Alakazam actually has decent SDef, which is why Psycho Shock > Psychic - after a Guard Share, the opponent is pretty much going to have really terrible Def. A bit gimmicky, but it could work.
Also... no mention of Flame/Toxic Orb tricking at all? Potentially cripples sweepers attempting to switch in while also making you immune to status. Something like this:

Alakazam @ Flame/Toxic Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 SAtk / 216 Spd / 40 HP
- Substitute
- Psycho Shock / Psychic
- Focus Blast / Shadow Ball
- Trick

Ability: Magic Guard
Evs: 40 HP/ 252 SpAtk/ 216 Spe
~Psycho Shock
~Focus Blast
Two things - one, Life Orb > Leftovers, since you don't really want to take too many hits anyway. Two, Jolly nature on Alakazam? No.
I support the Focus Sash set as many Gen V threats to Alakazam can also be dealt with easily. Alakazam ties with Zoroark, and KOes with Focus Blast anyway (well, 70% of the time). Other threats that get lured and killed include the other nasty Dark-types such as Warubiaru and Sazandora. Both have Pursuit to make short work of Alakazam, but are also put to a dark, dark grave by Focus Blast. Lati@s can be a bummer too, so run Shadow Ball, but I doubt it'll do enough damage, what with their awesome special defence.

Team options therefore should logically include something that would greatly benefit having the aforementioned threats eliminated. Despite sharing common weaknesses, LO Gengar is a good partner as the aforementioned threats are able to revenge it. Espeon, Mismagius and possibly Shanderaa are also good choices for secondary sweepers. Basically, if it was weak to Scizor and ScarfTar, it should be used as a partner.
Here is a Trick set.

Alakazam @ Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
Timid / Modest
4 HP / 252 SPA / 252 SPE

Focus Blast
Shadow Ball / Charge Beam / Energy Ball / Psycho Shock
might even be able to get away with not using trick and psycho shock instead. It would give you more room for moves after all
Very much liking this focus sash + magic guard thing. Pretty much guaranteed to take out one or two pokemons before going down if used right. His unique 120 speed will be very interesting to play with too. I think it'll be OU this time around given its monsterous special attack stat.
Ah poor Zammy..even with a few new spoons to beat people over the head with he still lacks a fork(Defense). On a side note I thought spoons would be more defensive than forks. Back to the zam, He could beat blissey down with psycho shock but..when are they in the same tier? =/ I wish zam had a way to squish scizor. Not that I don't love scizor lol...
Theoretically, Focus Sash + Magic Guard 'Zam can survive a Bullet Punch, and OHKO Scizor with HP Fire (ran the calcs a while back, but you can check).
Counter isn't a Bad idea with Focus Sash... It's the safest option to KO Tyranitar without relying on Focus Blasts' 70%. Magic Guard negates weather and entry hazard damage.
Alakazam is looking good in gen 5.

Alakazam @ Life Orb
Magic Guard
Timid - 4 HP / 252 Spatk / 252 Spe
Substitute / Psycho Shock / Focus Blast / (HP Fire, Signal Beam)

Wow, just wow. Psycho Shock is a great way to beat the bane of Alakazam, Blissey and Chansey. Magic Guard is just the icing on the cake, no Life Orb recoil means Alakazam is going to be lasting a lot time. Sub is on the set to beat Sucker Punch.

Trick sets might also work well. Guard Share seems like a waste of a turn. I would much rather get a free sub that slightly raise my defensive.
Alakazam @ Life Orb
Timid, Magic Guard
252 SpA, 252 Speed, 6 HP
~HP Fire
~Psychic/Psycho Shock
~Focus Blast

MysticGar wannabe.
His best set, imo, although ScarfTar still wrecks you :|
Alakazam outspeeds ScarfTar.
So, Focus Blast murders it. Unless the murderer missed the right street... like, 30% of the time.

Oh, i used the exact same set on gen 4, but with Sub over Protect. It really works wonders.
Theoretically, Focus Sash + Magic Guard 'Zam can survive a Bullet Punch, and OHKO Scizor with HP Fire (ran the calcs a while back, but you can check).
Counter would definitely OHKO Scizor. :P

And Zam wouldn't die to rocks after switching in again, with its speed it could still be useful.

Also you could give Alakazam some wish support, he has such low HP and lots of the wishers (Vaporeon, Blissey) have gigantic HP, he could get fully recovered.


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Alakazam is really going to like being able to have a Focus Sash. Maybe a set like:

Alakazam @ Focus Sash
4 HP / 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Spe Modest / Timid
~Psychic / Pyschoo Shock
~Focus Blast
~Hidden Power [Fire]
~Counter / Shadow Ball / -Filler-


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Counter and Magic Guard aren't even close to being legal. Counter is a third gen move tutor and Magic Guard is a fifth gen DW ability.

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Alakazam just upped the ante. I think he has a shot of catching up to his eternal rival (Gengar) in this game. Not better mind you, but pretty damn close. Magic guard is such an amazing ability (especially for an offensive minded pokemon) and as a bonus, he gets to use his STAB to fuck with Blissey.

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Best Alakazam moveset:

Alakazam (M) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Magic Guard
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Focus Blast
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Aside from Roobushin, Alakazam has earned my MVP slot on my team. This fucker is amazing as hell. The only thing that I can even hate about it is a faster Pursuit user (hint: Not many in this category) or Pursuit + Priority (and most Scizor will go straight for priority). If you feel ballsy enough, you can even try to stay into Scizor and just use Focus Blast. Since it's likely Choice Band you know what'll happen anyway. Bullet Punch means a free switch, Pursuit means you smash it twice with Focus Blast. It's 120 Speed and powerful 135 SpA is just icing on the cake. Scarf Tyranitar can't revenge kill this dude whatsoever and it smacks everything hard.

Magic Guard Alakazam is fucking awesome. A true classic.

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