Albertan Players Wanted for the PokeBus to Western Canadian Regionals

Hi guys - my name is Cynthia, a Pokemon Organized Play PTO from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I wanted to extend an invitation to competitive VGC players who might want to join us on a subsized PokeBus to Regionals. We have a local iniative called "Alberta Adopt-A-Champion" we have been running for the last few years. We fundraise throughout the season to get our local competitiors to distant events. I also donate proceeds I earn from running Premier events to the fund.

We are getting pretty good at fundraising and each year have expanded to support more events. Last year we did a "PokeBus to Regionals" where we took 56 people from Alberta to Surrey BC for $45 return. We are able to work with the BC PTO and get special Pokemon rates at the hotel. The more peole we get in those bus seats, the more the price goes down. We are expecting the upper end to be no greater than $70 return to our lower end of $50 return. Preference is given to competitve players (and their chaperones if applicable) for both the Trading Card Game and the Video Game.

We are in the second phase of our 2013 Pokebus to Regionals project where our local Pokemon Organized Play League members have had first crack at securing a seat and now we open it up to all competitive players regardless of league connections. We want to extend an invitation to Albertan VGC players to contact us if you are planning to or would like to head out to Regionals in April and might be interested in taking the subsidized bus.

More information is available on our Facebook community page:
You will see a lot of information in Notes, Events, etc. You can contact me for more information at We ask for a deposit to ensure you are seriously interested. If for some reason the bus does not run, deposits are returned.

Hope to see you at Regionals representing Alberta!

(Plans are also underway to do a PokeBus to Worlds but more on that another day....)

Cynthia (seriously, that's really my name) :heart:


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Doubt she's going to check this thread again, but they do the Alberta PokeBus to Regionals in Vancouver every year. They will also probably do one to the World Championships this summer. Follow their Facebook page for more.

Shiruba, the Western Canada Regional Championships is over, but the Pokemon World Championships is in Vancouver this year and takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre (more specifically, Canada Place) this August. Google "Pokemon World Championships" for more. It's for both the TCG and Video Game.

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