Alias Mafia - game abandoned...


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For the record, there's typically no hammer in OC games. I'm honestly not 100% sure why that's the case, but given there's no hammer in the rules, it is safe to assume that there's no hammer mechanic for this game.


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afaik typically there has always been no hammer in OC because of the fact that they are closed setup, power-heavy games, so you never know if there are roles that can influence the vote power or other things like that. Particularly since a big part of the game is figuring out which claims are real and which are fake, having a hammer would reduce the ability for scum to claim these types of roles and would make it easier to figure out that villagers with these types of roles were clean. A lot of it is probably tradition too, but I believe the fact that there are often different types of mayors and roles like that is the reason for not having hammers.
my favorite fast food hamburger place was lynched. In-N-Out was:
Dear Aura Guardian,
You are Clémence Lefeuvre.
Your ALIAS is <SNIP>.

You were a French chef who invented white butter sauce. I don't know if that's a glorified name for butter but I'm guessing it probably tastes pretty good with the right foods.

ACTION: Alias Swapper - At night, you can choose two aliases and swap the owners of those aliases. This action has the lowest priority in the game.
PASSIVE: NPC. For all role purposes, you are treated like an NPC.

You are allied with the MAFIA. You win when your team is last team standing.
good job team get ready for the next one. Deadline in 48 hours 5/20 9:30 PM Pacific.
It's past deadline and you know how I said last night that what happened probably wouldn't happen again? I lied - it happened again. Everyone's still with us. Cue disbelief.

Results going out and once they are out, you can get to voting. Deadline in 48 hours approx.
Actually I lied. Some stuff did happen. The alias list has changed again. Four Letters has left the game. However, three new aliases have joined. Dying right about now, Mess, and WARRIORS BLEW A 3-1 LEAD have all joined the playerlist. Don't worry Warriors fans, they can't blow a lead after tonight (unless they do it in the finals). Results are still not out but on the way!


How big is your bonk?
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lynch pot of greed

No one has claimed this alias, and since scum are more likely to claim a fake alias I think, this is probably mafia.

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