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Occasionally I look for a Smog article that I can't remember what issue it's in. Before I could just click them all but we have more than just a few now. Can we have an "All Articles" button that just lists them all?


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Agrees with Chris is me 100%. This would be very convenient. Of course we'd have have to list the date the article was published on and the issue it was in so we don't click on an outdated metagame analysis by mistake.


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Yeah this sounds good and, as far as I know, not too difficult to implement.

Maybe split them up into mini-mini-mini sections :P


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Then you could have similar sections for spriting articles, featured types and stuff.

Alternatively you could just have the main 6 categories with the list of articles.

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I think this is an excellent idea, such indexes make finding specific articles much easier. I'd also be more than willing to write this thing up and get it online as soon as tonight if there's enough support for it.
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