All of my pokemon...

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Are belong to you! This isn't exactly a giveaway (I have no internet at School that I can trade with), but more of a notification. All of my Pokemon are now redistributable! So, this includes (but is obviously not limited to)

My perfect Cherrim.
My Shaymin.
My Shiny Absols.
My Persians.

etc. My only request is that as they are being traded, they be given for free (if people are willing) to new members, so they may start their collections. Thanks again for your time, everyone. I would have posted this in my trade thread, but it was deleted. So, I hope that posting it here is not breaking any rules.

Have a great day.

EDIT: Through some internet magistry, I was able to find my trade thread. Please look through, and see who I traded to. DO NOT pester people who do not have open trade threads. Tell them my pokemon are redistributable, and ask politely if they could trade them to you. Link them here. Thank you.
I'm interested in your Shaymin. It is legit right?
Every single one of my pokemon are legit. (beside some AR wondercards, but most people consider that legit). I would love to trade it to you, but, like I said, I have no wireless at school to trade with. My apologies.


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So this is just a notification that all OT: Pink pokemon are Fully Redis? YOu should include your ID#
Unfortunately, my trade-list was deleted along with my thread.

My pokemon will almost all have the OT of Pink and the ID no. of 39596.

If no one pops up with any of my old pokemon, I'll try and get unsecured wi-fi so I can get them circulating.
Unless any pokemon are being givenaway here, this is the wrong place to post. Try making a new trade thread to put all your pokemon in. Imo, this is an information update on your 'mons.
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