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The ALLCAPS Invitational has brought back the best of the best MULTIFACTION contenders, true champions of their times, veterans of the unashamedly-snowbally slogfests of yore. They are older and wiser now and have seen the errors of their experimental ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), leading many of them to join together in a peaceful coalition of VILLAGE.

But not all lads have learned their lesson. The ALLSTARS, a gathering of notable players who were 5/7 top kek factors in their games, are determined to SLAAAAAAAY, MAMA. YAAAAAAAAS, GAGA. This has led to the rise of the ALMOSTS, who were just not cut out to be an ALLCAPS legend.

Who will prove most valiant at the Invitational? The KEYS to SUCCESS rest in your hand.

Rules will be posted in main thread. This is a 1 village vs 2 mafia game. 22 players currently but not opposed to altering the size based on signups. Note that the role names taken from previous games may or may not have new roles instead of one(s) they had in prior appearances. You will be fine playing this regardless of how many prior ALLCAPS games you played, but they are all available to view in the Game Listing if you feel like skimming them/checking their sheets will help you.

SIGN UP 17/22
Aura Guardian
Da Letter El
Gale Wing Srock

Sign ups will end on Saturday if I get 22 people by then but Sunday @ noon PST otherwise. The game will be posted then.

Been over a month since our last game, small or big, so here.

#BIGS3 channel please join and be active

probably approved by lightwolf but i do what i want.
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fuck it, i'll join

i'd appreciate though if we cooperated to not have our deadlines on same day same time
how long are your cycles/when are the deadlines? ive sort of been reading the thread but not rly paying attn to your update times but i have no problem trying to schedule stuff to be at different times/days

need 10 or 11 more people

also the ALL CAPS club has a space in the title, clearly unaffiliated


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my deadlines are generally between 8-10 PM EST, I know you're PST but idk what general time you'd prefer to update

cycles can be 24 or 48, occasionally 72, but i generally try to update in the same timeframe. same day updates would be fine as long as both deadlines aren't at the same time. so like if i update at 8 EST and you update at 11 EST that'd probably be fine


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i dont have as free of a schedule as normal due to interning but i'd prob do 2-3pm pst, it's before my evening classes. tuesdays and fridays i couldnt until like 8 pst. seems like there would be a couple hours either way around your updates, 5-7 pst.


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where tf is the mafia community??? we have 12 people, need some more to start the game so im gonna ping the ppl who played walrein's

also reminder this is 2mafia vs 1village NOT multi.

Eagle4 Gale Wing Srock Maleovex porygon3 sunny004 theangryscientist who else plays Ditto Paperblade penguin344 Celever General Spoon rssp1 Bass More Cowbell Spiffy Thetwinmasters sorry if i missed active players

also if anyone is on PS or PO or w/e that place is and wants to advertise the game thatd b gr8

i can look at the game size if need be and rebalance it for a smaller playerlist
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