Pending Allow users to be permanently ignored


When ignoring a user, they are still unignored after reconnecting from or rejoining the Pokemon Showdown website. Of course, there are people who find other people mildly annoying and they can't just seem to avoid them if they are everywhere and if they can't get to actually ignore them when it redeems the other user as unignored whenever they rejoin the website. Permanently ignoring the user instead will cause no problems or circumstances towards the two (unless a mod or anything else is involved.) So, can you make ignoring users permanent so that others will no longer have to see their messages from anywhere. Of course, the users can be unignored within the "Unignore" button.

Following this, I think a command or action should be added to see a full list of ignored AND highlighted users (so opposing users get to remember that other users name) as it will be easier to see all the people you have ignored.

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