Tournament Almost Any Ability Ladder Tournament - Playoffs (won by motherlove)

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General Rules:
  • All games should be played in standard (AKA no custom rules of any kind) [Gen 8] Almost Any Ability, preferably on Smogtours.
  • All rounds in this single elimination tournament are best of three, and switching teams within a series is allowed.
    General tournament rules/regulations apply.
  • Seeding: Players are all seeded based on Elo. In the case of a tie, the person with higher GXE will be seeded higher. As for how round 1 matchups will be determined, highest seed plays lowest seed: seed #1 plays #16, #2 plays #15, and so on.

Round 1 specifics:

> For this round, King's Rock IS allowed and we will be using Sleep Clause Mod, NOT Sleep Moves Clause. If these changes have already been implemented on the server by the time you play, then challenge your opponent using this code:

/challenge gen8almostanyability @@@ !Sleep Moves Clause, Sleep Clause Mod, +King's Rock
> The Zamazenta-Crowned suspect test DOES NOT mean it is legal in this tournament. Until the suspect has concluded and the votes are officially tallied, it is still considered banned.

Round 1
ItsChew. vs Akashi
Euphonos vs Dragonillis
Atha vs Trognon
The Number Man
vs Andyboy
Heracross2.0 vs Nultiprise
motherlove vs XxSevagxX
damflame 3 vs Ren
vs PandaDoux

DEADLINE: SUNDAY August 29th @ 11:59 PM GMT -5
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I decided to do predictions because I don't have enough enemies

ItsChew. vs Akashi in 2 games. tbh I do not know Akashi, but Chew is cool and a very solid battler (he's the one seed for a reason), so picking him is the obvious choice.

Euphonos vs Dragonillis in 3 games. I'm a little worried about non-AAA mains in this tour, but have been really impressed by my games against Euphonos. Giving the edge to Dragonillis because of their meta experience and also being a good player.

Atha vs Trognon in 2 games. Fun fact about Atha, they were the first person to start talking to me when I was a ladder nobody, so I'm picking them just for that. Also, they're a really good AAA player and I don't know Trognon, sorry.

The Number Man vs Andyboy in 2 games. tbh TNM is pretty bad, he only beats me in 85% of our test matches, which is pretty disappointing for a supposedly "good" player. But, he's like a council person or whatever, so I can only assume designed the recent bans around his teams, so giving him the predict.

Heracross2.0 vs Nultiprise in 3 games. tbh only picking Nultiprise cause Heracross2.0 has not told me how they're better than Heracross1.0.

motherlove vs XxSevagxX in 3 games. This is the first round match I'm most excited to watch, both players are really exciting builders and fun personalities.

damflame 3 vs Ren in 3 games. ngl this one was decided by three coin flips since I don't know either as an AAA player. According to the quarter, Damflame wins game one before Ren stages a comeback in games two and three.

Osake vs PandaDoux in 2 games. I am a man of my word:


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Gonna make some predicts for this R1 because it’s cooler when predicts are made and I can trash French ppl so let’s go (thanks UnnerfTalonflame for that btw)

ItsChew vs Akashi I don’t like so much how chew is playing his games but I don’t know anything about Akashi and I don’t think he plays AAA so much + Chew reach 1560 which is a proof of mental and patience that I don’t have so bolding it for this first round - win in 2
Euphonos vs Dragonillis I’ve always said that Drago was going to win. Ez. Win in 3.
Atha vs Trognon rip French boys :c Atha is like way more experienced than Trognon and he hasn’t played AAA a lot during the past few months so that’s probably the less equilibrated pairing of this round :( - win in 2
The Number Man vs Andyboy both great players but tnm is playing in his main when Andy’s not, but I expected the games to be very cool - win in 2
Heracross2.0 vs Nultiprise I don’t like to bold the vs because it’s kinda lazy and no risk position, but both of the players haven’t convinced me when I’ve played against them, they both have potential but i don’t know who to bold honestly ; I’ll support Nultiprise tho obviously - win in 3
Motherlove vs XxSevagxX only risky predict, motherlove is with no doubt one of the best AAA player rn, and one of the most impressive, but he said that he doesn’t rly care of the PO and just wanted to ladder so he’ll probably not focus too much and sevag is good (even if he wants to bring cursed af things I’ve lost one billion neurons speaking with him but w/e) so let’s go boyyy (only pairing when I’ll not support a French >c) - win in 3
Damflame 3 vs Ren hem i don’t have so much to say there, I don’t really know but I think Ren is more experienced so …? - win in 3
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I'm here to carry Talon's Osake's predictions. Won vs Sevag Euphonos, ggs ! G1 G2 G3

Euphonos vs Dragonillis I know that Drago wanted to have E# as opponent because it’s better than Atha or tnm that he thought he was going to have, and I think it’s a balanced pairing, both are good, but I think Euphonos experience will make the diff (let’s go drago tho <3) - win in 3


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The Number Man vs Heracross2.0 Better player by far here imo, more experience too, I don't have that much to say but I expect a large win from tnm - win in 2
Dragonillis vs Ren It's kinda the same as the round 1, both good and experienced players but this time I'll bold Drago so he'll not cry >c prob the bo3 that I'm the most excited to see, I expect it to be very close - win in 3
Trognon vs motherlove man this is so sad you made a really well perf r1 against atha and now motherlove... if this isn't bad luck idk what it is, but even if mlove doens't rly care of the PO i think he's still one step ahead >c but gl Trognon if u win I'll bold you for the rest of my life - win in 3
Won in 2 vs my good friend Ren, ggs ! G1 G2

Osake It's your turn !
Trognon Good luck, you will need it, but you can do this
motherlove Maybe see you next round :bloblul:

I will start a petition to change the AAA logo for this :

Le Presque Tous Les Talents.png

(thx to emillight to allow me to use the true logo)
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