Tournament Almost Any Ability Ladder Tournament - Playoffs (won by motherlove)

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While I have a little time,
Time to do predictions for the other semi-final.

Osake vs The Number Man : Here The Number Man is favorite, because he has better building and prep than Osake, and warmed up by beating Andyboy and Heracross2.0 respectively.
On the other side we have Osake, who have probably a similar in game, BUT who needs support to be able to shine vs other AAA player, and defeated Pandadoux and Akashi before reaching The Number Man.

This is going to be an interesting BO3, which will depend a lot on what everyone will try during the prep as well as their support.
Like i said earlier , The Number Man has advantage for me (60-40), and I can predict he will win in 3.

I will have the chance to appreciate this BO3, good luck to Osake and The Number Man !



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Just establishing how much thought I've put into these so no one gets mad

Osake  vs  The Number Man in three games. This is a really hard predict, I really like Osake as a player and they bring fun teams. This was basically a toss up until I learned TNM is a countryman of Luka Dončić where as the best French basketball player is some scrub who gave us all Covid, so I can only assume he's as clutch and dominate as him. Sure, the French may have a better team and deeper roster, but this is 1v1.

Dragonillis  vs  motherlove in three games. Hot take: a French person will win every game in this matchup. Dragon has been really impressive so far, but it's hard to predict against ML. I do think Dragon is able to steal one and keep it very close, but ML seems to routinely win from unwinnable positions.

The Number Man vs motherlove in three games. If I don't seen one Vespiquen from ML in the finals I will be deeply, deeply disappointed. As much as it pains me to say this, I look forward to playing Presque Tous les Talents.

PS: Angry react if you think Osake beats TNM


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Osake is low-key a bully and we do not talk about that enough love you Osake :blobheart:

Finals Predicts

After several grueling weeks of laddering, battling, and advancing, we finally have the Finals matchup that everyone predicted. To mark the significance of the Finals, I will be making game-by-game predictions.

Game 1

Perhaps the biggest question for game 1 is, who can make better use of Vespiquen or will ML actually just bring five mons? I think it mostly comes down to ML's ingenuity verses their laziness, and I'm betting on ingenuity here.

Osake will take an early lead, but against ML that means nothing. Through a series of moves that only make sense to them, ML will somehow draw level, featuring a surprise KO from some Vespiquen set none of us thought possible. ML wins the late-game shuffling 2-0 to take game 1.

Game 2
Both players play well, but Osake's steady hand, knowing they need a win, coupled with ML getting an important calc wrong (can we please fix Dauntless Shield in the calc?) guides their team to a relatively comfortable 4-0 win, setting up a dramatic game 3.

Game 3
Anything can happen in game seven three.

Bet on the better in-battle player.

Motherlove wins 1-0 to take the series.

Presque Tous les Talents.
Thx to Think to host this laddertour.
I hope to be here for the next [OM] ladder tour.

Free Presque Tous les Talents. wigposay.png

For the (true) final :

motherlove vs Os4ke, sorry Osake but I can't bold you here.
With this year, I think motherlove is the top 1 of (french) AAA players, on OMPL, AAALT and OML.
For each confrontation, motherlove won, again and again.
I know motherlove is bored to face Osake again, but I know he will find the motivation to build vs his oppo, again.
The question is more if Os4ke will find motherlove's weakness or not.
I think motherlover will win in 2 vs Osake

J'ai gagné contre Osake , bj

Thanks again to Think for hosting the tour. I was really pleased with the quality of games all around and with the opportunity to chat/comment the live games it made for a really fun tournament.

I'm honestly so pleased to see how good the community is rn. AAA feels bigger than ever and with a stable meta we can see some truly exciting games taking place.
Thanks to anyone who participated.


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I agree with what motherlove said (yes, this is laziness)

was a cool tour, glad it happened and it proves that AAA as a meta and as a community is doing well, ty Think

sorry for not bringing the highest gameplay in finals but it's tiring to build every week, i tried to have some fun and bring fun stuff, didn't work out so much but happens

french supremacy. still waiting for Dragonillis petition

sorry Siamato, that's your fault if i lost because you refused to build mono bug with me. that's absolutely not because i'm bad.

btw, f Dragonillis and Redflix for being bullies, and f TectonicDestroyer for being bad


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And with that, it's...OVAH. Thanks to everyone that played/competed! It was a ton of fun to watch all of the alts active on the ladder, and I think I can speak for the vast majority of spectators when I say that the tournament games themselves were awesome as well :]

Hopefully this can happen again in the future--even if I'm not the one hosting it. I'll be locking/archiving this now, so feel free to post any unique teams used on the AAA metagame discussion thread.
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