Almost Any Ability Same Solo Series - Round 3(protean/libero banned)

Welcome to the Almost Any Ability Same Solo Series! Same Solo is a tournament format based off of 1v1, but everyone can only use a specific pokemon.

I have decided to ban libero/protean for the remainder of the tournament as I think that the ability is too powerful.

The pokemon for this round is Magnezone :Magnezone:

General Tournament Rules:

Tournament Specific Rules:
  • A pokemon is publicly posted in the thread, and it is the only pokemon you may use on your team for the next two rounds.
  • The tournament will be bo1, double elimination. Each round will last a week.
  • The tournament's base format will be Almost Any Ability. In addition to regular AAA rules, Focus Sash, Focus Band, Bright Powder, Quick Claw, Imprison, Mud Slap, Sand Attack, Smokescreen, Protean, Libero, and Perish Song will be banned. Terastallization will also be banned.
  • Replays will be required.

challenge code: /challenge (user), gen9almostanyability @@@ -focus sash, -focus band, -brightpowder, -quickclaw, -imprison, -mudslap, -sandattack, -smokescreen, -perishsong, maxteamsize=1, -protean,-libero

full bracket:

Deadline for round 3 is March 19, 11:59 PM GMT±0. Replays are required.
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Did my calling act not count because I submitted it after last round's deadline?
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Just checked, Round 3 started like 6 hours before I posted the calling act lol
Hope y'all have fun in the tour
i meant i dont think siegfried pinged us correctly, i didnt get anything

it could just be me, can someone wow this if they got pinged


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To be clear - I mindlessly copy/pasted what is written in the OP after being asked to do the pings in the host's stead due to them not being able to tag others themselves. If they did not work, I do not know why. If someone who is more versed in this matter does however, the host would probably appreciate them chiming in.

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