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Alolan Ninetales ia a niche setup sweeper in LGPE OU. It's one of the few Pokemon with access to Nasty Plot, and that, alongside its unique typing that gives it solid coverage with just its STAB moves, makes it quite threatening on paper. Its high Speed allowing it to outrun Pokemon like Mew and Zapdos helps with this, and access to support moves that give it setup opportunities like Encore and Hypnosis make it even scarier, as it can potentially incapacitate one of its counters. Unfortunately, its low Special Attack means that even after a boost, it's too weak to OHKO most targets. Its attacks have a low base power, too, which doesn't help matters at all. On top of all this, it doesn't have a great way to hit Steel-types, which is massively problematic in a metagame dominated by Melmetal. All of this combined means that Alolan Ninetales is pretty hard to justify on a team and leaves it generally outclassed by similar setup sweepers like Mega Alakazam and Nasty Plot Mew, as well as other niche setup sweepers such as Alolan Persian and Alolan Raichu.

name: Nasty Plot
move 1: Nasty Plot
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Dazzling Gleam
move 4: Dark Pulse / Encore / Hypnosis
item: No Item
nature: Timid

Set Information

Nasty Plot boosts Alolan Ninetales's Special Attack to threatening levels, allowing it to break through frailer Pokemon and clean up weakened teams. Ice Beam is the main STAB attack on the set, netting good coverage on the tier and hitting Pokemon like Rhydon and Nidoqueen very hard. Dazzling Gleam is used a secondary STAB attack that breaks through Dark-types like Mega Gyarados. Dark Pulse is the most consistent option in the last slot, getting a stronger hit on Mew and Melmetal. Encore can also be used, as locking a foe into a move like Stealth Rock can give Alolan Ninetales setup opportunities. Hypnosis is another option, potentially incapacitating a check like Melmetal; its shaky accuracy makes it unreliable, though.

Usage Tips

Bring Alolan Ninetales in via VoltTurn support or on double switches; it's not bulky enough to switch into anything, and its poor defensive typing doesn't help it. Bringing it in when a teammate faints works too. Try to set up on Pokemon that cannot OHKO Alolan Ninetales like Sandslash, Substitute Mega Gyarados, and Zapdos. Don't set up until Pokemon like Melmetal and Mew have been weakened significantly, as they can easily grind Alolan Ninetales's sweep to a halt. If a faster revenge killer like Mega Beedrill or Mega Aerodactyl is still alive on the opponent's team, try to take it out before attempting to sweep.

Team Options

Good Melmetal checks are always necessary, but this is doubly true when using Alolan Ninetales. Pokemon like Mega Gyarados, Zapdos, and Poliwrath are all great teammates for this reason. Melmetal itself is also a good teammate, being able to handle Pokemon like Mega Beedrill for Alolan Ninetales. Starmie is a good teammate thanks to its ability to handle Fire-types like Mega Charizard X, as well as acting as a backup check to Melmetal. Stealth Rock support is helpful when using Alolan Ninetales as many of its best offensive checks like Mega Aerodactyl are weak to it. Setters like Rhydon, Sandslash, and Nidoqueen are all good teammates. Dual screens support from Electrode can be helpful to give Alolan Ninetales more setup opportunities, as the boost in bulk makes Alolan Ninetales quite tough to take down.

Other Options

Alolan Ninetales has a very shallow movepool, so there isn't much else it can do. Ice Shard can be used over Dark Pulse to help with revenge killing Dragonite, but Alolan Ninetales has an awful Attack stat, so it doesn't really do that much damage.

Checks and Counters

**Steel-types**: Melmetal is a perfect counter to Alolan Ninetales, being able to stomach any of its hits and OHKO it in return with Double Iron Bash. While Alolan Sandslash can't OHKO Alolan Ninetales, it can take attacks and retaliate with Earthquake for some damage.

**Poison-types**: Alolan Muk is a good defensive answer to Alolan Ninetales, using its great special bulk to tank hits and do a lot of damage in return with Fire Blast or the rare Poison Jab. Mega Beedrill and Gengar can't switch into Alolan Ninetales, but they can both outspeed it and revenge kill it with their STAB attacks.

**Fire-types**: While rare, certain Fire-types can handle Alolan Ninetales quite well. Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y can both stomach a boosted hit and OHKO Alolan Ninetales in return with their STAB attacks, while Arcanine can handle multiple hits and hit it very hard in return.

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