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  • Alomomola es un pivot bulky contra atacantes físicos como Koraidon y Chien-Pao en equipos balance o defensivos.
  • La decisión entre Play Rough y Chilling Water depende de tu preferencia. The decision between Play Rough and Chilling Water depends on your preference. Play Rough is important since it provides actual damage against Chien-Pao and Koraidon; on the other side, Chilling Water is an effective stop to Bulk Up Great Tusk and bulky Palafin, which otherwise are annoying Pokemon to deal with for defensive teams.
  • Whirlpool is a better support option than Light Screen on more defensive teams, since its continuous damage and trapping allow Alomomola to break past some Pokemon, such as Ting-Lu. On the other hand, Light Screen is better for offensive teams, since it helps them switch against powerful special attackers such as Miraidon and Flutter Mane without sacrificing a Pokemon.
  • Besides healing Alomomola with Protect, Wish helps its teammates not get worn down, especially special walls without reliable recovery like Dondozo, Ting-Lu, and Great Tusk.
  • The item choice depends on your team structure. If you have good entry hazard removal and need more damage against threats, then Rocky Helmet is the best choice. Leftovers is useful when you have good hazard removal but can also inflict good damage with your teammates; it also prevents some 2HKOs, for example from Choice Band Chien-Pao's Crunch. Without good hazard removal, Heavy-Duty Boots is the preferred choice.
  • Run a Relaxed nature with Play Rough, or if you have Chilling Water + Whirlpool and wish to sacrifice some Speed for full Whirlpool damage. Otherwise, run Bold.
  • Tera Fairy provides Alomomola with Fighting and Dark resistances, letting it switch in more comfortably and stop setup from Koraidon and Chien-Pao. Additionally, the Dragon immunity lets it sponge hits such as Koraidon's Dragon Claw and Outrage, or Draco Meteor from Miraidon.
  • Special walls work well alongside Alomomola's physical defense, such as Ting-Lu, Clodsire, Blissey, and Corviknight.
  • Other great partners are Toxapex and Dondozo, as Alomomola relieves pressure on them to check threats such as Koraidon, Chien-Pao, and Great Tusk. Dondozo is especially helpful here due to its Unaware ability. Unfortunately, you also stack weaknesses against common special attackers such as Miraidon and Iron Bundle; this should be considered while teambuilding.
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