American Arceus event official threat

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The Arceus event was confirmed to be in the US, revealed today.

However, where the events will be have not been confirmed.

Obviously it SHOULD come to the Europe but do you think it will?

Also, like the Member's Card being released at the moment and Oak's Letter been in Japan, do you think we'll get the Azure Flute over Wi-Fi?

Discuss it here!


Also is this the right place for this thread
First of all, threat --> thread.

Second, I think this is a bit too early for this. We should wait for a date.

@Edit: This thread was similar to this one, and was locked quickly. Discussion should be started when there are more details.


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I agree with Blue Tornado, there's still nothing for us to discuss here. What are we meant to say? It's nice to know Arceus will be here eventually but the article tells us nothing else that we haven't known for several years.
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