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American Politics

I knew you'd get this mad, otherwise I wouldn't have posted all that jaja. The fact that you say I don't give a shit about any moral position as if Biden has ever had one seems utterly ridiculous to me, you're not the one to talk about moral positions when you've been trying to justify sanctions on Russia and Putin but not Saudi Arabia and MBS, who's a human rights violator. All you say is that sanctions have been placed on a few officials, but in fact they haven't done the same on the House of Saud and its entities. I could care less if this goes against US interests, because nothing justifies the actions taken against Russia, China and many other countries compared to the Saudi regime. Also, you clearly don't even know what's going on in Syria's situation to be saying such a stupid thing about it.

It is well known that the US supports mercenaries (wrongly named rebels/opposition) to fight against Assad's forces, it's just another nonsense regime change made by erroneus foreign policies. They have not thought of directly participate in the conflict because they wouldn't be able to overthrow Assad either, so they choose to arm mercenaries rather than do the dirty work by themselves, which is not only a coward thing to do, but has proven not to work and further fuel the conflict. There is not much to say on this, everything else you said is fakery, go name me any war since Vietnam in which the US was directly involved in the conflict and it turned out the way they wanted it to, lol.
lmao@ calling hundreds of thousands of democratic revolutionaries "mercenaries." You're now tacking on regime propaganda with more of the same whataboutism. You're arguing against sanctions on Putin on the basis of MBS not being directly sanctioned. The idea that everyone should avoid punishment because one user on a Pokemon forum isn't happy about another criminal avoiding (personal) sanction is absurd.


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just showing the follow-up tweet:

Meanwhile Biden talks to Abbas about "peaceful coexistence" and "Strengthening the US-Palestinian partnership" while we literally funnel billions into the regime with its foot on their neck. What a pathetic attempt to 'both sides' the situation.

i mean tbf we know biden has BEEN sipping the israel kool aid...
so im not too surprised but it still rly sucked to see him downplay some rly unprecedented slaughter / war crimes on israel's part this time around.

Any of yall in the U.S., now would be a great time to try writing some emails to yr local reps about H.R. 2590 (https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/2590). Lots of simple tools to send a bunch of emails quickly (I used RESISTBOT) and every bit helps-Israel's catching a lot of flak for this rn so...maybe theres some hope here.
this thread maybe won't be so active anymore but I'll at least post this as well

What Ford took a photo of is the March 2021 ODNI report, not the NSC directive released this month. All references to "anarchist violent extremism" in DVE materials I've found are as sparse as references to "pro-choice violence." The issue here seems to be a politicisation of the security apparatus of the US that accelerated under Trump. The Daily Beast has noted this is language used by Christopher Wray in the past, and has reported on this politicisation of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The only interagency dialogue I've found mentioning incidence of "anarchist violent extremism" seems to be an FBI/DOJ joint backgrounder with one of Wray's people mentioning the 2020 ambush of Michael Reinoehl by Aaron Danielson. This is more an argument for ditching Wray than anything about the Biden administration.
I mean I'm looking at this https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-conte...trategy-for-Countering-Domestic-Terrorism.pdf

which has basically same language shown in the tweet i linked. I haven't researched this deeply or anything but sounds like your issue is that there isn't 'that much' reference to anarchist violence. if so, okay
I've read both. My issue isn't that there isn't "that much" reference, my issue is that the language is being forced into reports by Wray without any substantiation of supposed "anarchist violence" posing a terrorism threat. It's an abuse of law enforcement that falsely portrays Wray's political opponents as equivalent to actual terrorism, and justified with a single crime, the nature of which is being misrepresented as an act of terrorism. As far as I am concerned, Wray is a corrupt actor that needs to be pushed out of the FBI immediately, whose presence delegitimises the FBI.

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