An Albinian Warstory [Atlanta VGC]

This is my first warstory, so please be considerate and understanding, so, I hope you like it! :)

Part One- Preparation
It started about two months ago, I was lurking around smogon to find suggestions for a rain dance VGC team, and I eventually found one a little like this:

Kyogre Ludicolo
@ Rindo Berry @ Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP /252 SAtk /4 SDef EVs:252 HP /252 SAtk /4 Spd
Quiet Modest
- Surf - Grass Knot
- Thunder - Surf
- Blizzard - Fake Out
- Protect - Protect

Metagross Palkia
@ Focus Sash @ Haban Berry
EVs: 252 HP /252 Atk /4 Spd EVs: 252 SAtk /252 Spd/4 HP
Adamant Modest
- Bullet Punch - Spacial Rend
- Explosion - Surf
- Hammer Arm - Thunder
- Protect - Protect

So I tested it out on PBR, (My wifi won't let me connect to the DS) and whan I fought some VGC teams, I realized that I need to change it. I switched this pokemon for Palkia:

@ Griseous Orb
EVs: 252 HP /252 Atk /4 Spd
Hasty (For speed)
- Shadow Force
- Shadow Sneak
- Dragon Claw
- Protect

I also decided to switch the order around too, so here it is!

Giratina Ludicolo
Kyogre Palkia
(Details are above)

Now that I've finalized the team, now for the fun part! :)

Part Two- The Road Trip

After I posted my goodbyes, I hit the road with:

(Car Order)
Mom Ahn
Little Sister Alison-Friend
Me Joseph-Friend

So, we drove for about 1 hr, ate Chinese, drove 5 hrs and stayed at the Embassy Suites somewhere in Atlanta, and slept until 6AM the next day.
I'd like to mention that I slept on a couch and got 4 hrs less sleep than I would like to have.

Part Three- Junior Tournament
Joseph and I eventually got out of bed, and went on our way. When we got there, I was bored, so I decided to challenge tis 10-year old to a battle, and embarraslingly lost. I realized that he was either really good, or horrible when his Tyranitar thundered my Kyogre for 2/5ths of my health.
After convincing myself not to tear his head off, I watched Joseph mingle into the registration line. I did'nt watch his first match because I was talking to who I would later know as Curtis and Micah- two seniors with noting better to do. I just witnessed him winning the second round, suprised that his sunny day team that I slapped on him made it this far. Later, I watched his third game which was a win, and lastly, the round before the finals: All I remember was that he was facing another sunny day team, he could've won if his groudon earthquaked his heatran instead of erupting it. So now that the junior's round was over, I had to find a place in line.

Part Three- Senior Registration

Luckily, Curtis let me wait in the front of the line with him. Later, he told me that he camped out at the last VGC and never got a chance to play because of the raffling system. After that I battled 3 seniors and beat them all. Then it was registration time. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest as I accused everyone I saw of being Alaka.
Then it was fight time.

Part Four- Senior Tournament

Round 1
My first match was against some african-american almost my age, the only thing I recalled was that he cussed each time I knocked out his pokemon. 2-0

Round 2
For this match, I was paired with Curtis, who led with weavile and persian, and used jumpluff and mewtwo as backup. At first, I thought I was dead for sure, but when I realized that I had won, I was so relived. 4-0

Round 3
This time I was paired with someone I met in line named David. Now this was my most epic match. He led with weavile and Gyrados, I planned to protect ludicolo, and shadow force Gyrados, That worked perfectly, next turn, he sent out ryquaza, and switched weavile for salamence. I switched out giratina for kyogre- bad move. His ryquaza OHKOed kyogre with dragon claw. Then, I sent out metagross, I knew that ryquaza could OHKO meta, so I had ludicolo fake out ryquaza and meta use explosion. It destroyed evrything. We both sent out our last poke- my giratina vs his weavile. after 2 shadow sneaks and a night slash, I realized that I had won! :D 1-0

Round 4
All I remember is that I faced a guy with a wii shirt on who was SO confident about winning. I recall that he had a metagross that used trick on ludicolo. 3-0

So now, I was the FIRST FINALIST! XD I crashed into the nearist chair and thanked the lord. After that we ate some pizza, and came back to see the other finalists. I remember-Alaka, Tichu, Blades, Mattj, and some others. Then we picked energy cards- purple for 1 match till top 16, and green for two matches, unfortunately, I picked green. :(

Round 5
I faced some 20 yr. old man in some nice-looking clothes who led with mewtwo and abomasnow. This is my current battle video. 1-0

Round 6 Albinoloon vs. Alaka
The person here who I looked up on, and feared greatly, Alaka was my biggest threat here. We shook hands, talked a little and started the match. He led with Kyogre and Abomasnow. I shadow forced his abomasnow for 93% of it's health, and got ludicolo killed. Next up was Kyogre, we both traded thunders, and a failed shadow sneak. He blizzarded me and shared me, killing both giratina and kyogre,and then I knew that I had lost. 0-2

So, I watched the rest, got a picture with Alaka, and headed home.
I hope you liked my warstory!
Sadly, no, I would have, if only I didn't get the green card. Instead of starting in the 32nd place, I started in the 64th. :( Who were you, I might've seen you.
Sadly, no, I would have, if only I didn't get the green card. Instead of starting in the 32nd place, I started in the 64th. :( Who were you, I might've seen you.
Oh no! You got a green card, huh? :(

Well, I was wearing a black shirt with a TWEWY logo and and black vest. You've probably seen me in the finalist lounge because I was talking with some people I recognized from Smogon briefly.

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