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Welcome to my art thread!

The newest of my uploads should be right down here, for the rest of them, check the rest of the thread (its not too long)! Feel free to critque anything. As I have been very bad at fulfilling requests, I sadly do not take them anymore.

Mime jr

Swedish hugs to you all!
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Thanks a lot TML!

This night i did some work with oil pastelles, and I really liked the result. Here's a Banette!

And a little bit older pic of a Piplup.

Still more to come tomorrow. =)
Hi, welcome to Smeargle's!
I really like your use of colour, especially in the oil pastel pics, it really makes it nice and bold, great job. It's good to see you branching out into digital too, and while they're pretty good for starting off, they're not quite as good as your oil pastel pics. I think you've tried to take the oil pastel style and do it on a tablet, but there are some differences that hold it back a little. One, I think the tablet pics would be a bit better with cleaner lineart. For oil pastel pics this doesn't matter cause it all gets covered, but on your tablet pics you can see the messy lineart sketches coming through. I think it would help to work with lineart for a bit, cause it then helps to guide where the colours go as well, as they're currently good but all blurring together a bit too much. Lineart would help it be bolder and define the pieces more. As you get more comfortable maybe you can try and eliminate lineart as a thing again but I think for now making it cleaner would help.
Anyway hope my advice helped, and I hope you stick around the studio!
made a scizor during christmas, can finally upload it. Done with the oil pastilles, then photoshopped far too much.

Anyway, Here he comes:

And the unedited, for those who are hardcore traditionalists:


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Your Scizor is easily your best piece yet. It has a fierce stance, piercing eyes, and the color work well together to draw the view towards the center. I'm fond of the lighting on his skull and lower body, even though it's not so obvious if the light source is coming from above or from the top-right of the image. The wings and its head protrusions aren't quite as symmetrical as they could be in shape and size (even if the perspective isn't straight forward), but I'm impressed that you could go to such length with just pastelles alone, and you did get his proportions right.

also the 'eyes' on its claws have black eyes with yellow pupils, not the other way around, but that's a minor detail :E
Thank you, both Bummer and Ritter, for the advices and crits. It means a lot, since I admire your your work, (both of you) and really want to improve. I will practice lineart like a nerd (oh, wait! I already am an nerd...).

I thought that I could post my design for the Card Project in my thread as well, here is ten of hearts, drifloon.

Btw, Bummer, where in sweden do you live? I'm swedish too. =)
the warm colors throughout the piece are great. i love it.

what i don't really understand is the use of the small green highlights on the drifloons' hearts. i know that it's usually seen as a color that is complementary to red, but the green is much cooler than it should be (it has some cyan in it). that creates a jarring effect that's a little too distracting to the entire piece. the green would be better being tinted to the point where it's on the verge of being yellow so that it ends up being harmonious. don't introduce new colors that are only seen once or a few times; think of ways to unify your palette.

you could also try to solidify your shapes so that you have a better sense of direction. in the drifloon piece, the heads are pretty lopsided. bummer has said it before too, but there's also some inconsistency in the wing shapes for your scizor piece. establishing lines and taking time to make sure your sketch is solid will guide the piece in the long run.

but anyway, like i said, i really love the pieces that you've put up so far. color is a huge thing that some don't really experiment with too much and i think it's one of the more appealing points that your art has. my favorite would probably be the rotom because it has purples and greens on it that are also present in areas of the background. that really makes the piece harmonious in color and really interesting at the same time.

keep it up. :)


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On your other stuff I cannot really say much more than ium and bummer have already said, line could be more solid but your use of color is great and warm and I'm envious of it.

For your politoed drawing, first I will say props to you for doing a pure pencil drawing, that's something we don't see every day around here and you've done a great job with it. The water effects surrounding the stone politoed is squatting on is well articulated as water and effects like that are a good skill to have. Politoed itself is nicely done, the forms are solid and those human-like eyes are oddly piercing, which combined with the rainy atmosphere makes the piece have a definite mood to it.

The perspective of the politoed and environment, though, is a touch off. The toed itself seems to be observed from above while the background architecture is straight-on, giving a feeling that the street is almost bending down as it gets closer. Politoed itself is pretty good for an above view exept for the curl, which is presumably larger to denote being close to the viewer, but to me just looks strangely big for the 'toed. Perhaps being turned to be facing more straight on rather than being large and to the side would help the illusion of perspective? It's a very good piece, though, and I again commend you for making something so nice with pencil, it's really cool and different.
One thing that I like about this piece is the water in it. I really like how you drew it, and you have a good variety of value going on in this piece, and contrast, like it's dark curl and the more softer tones of it's skin. Overall, a nice job on the picture, definitely my favourite out of your current drawings you've shown us.

I do agree with Kadew about the perspective, it's a little off, but hey, backgrounds are a pain to draw since they aren't the main focus of the drawing, and you've got background down way better than I do.
Never really commented here but I now I will.
It's really nice seeing someone who uses oil pastels as well mainly because of how well you can experiment with color like you did. Many of your pieces are so rich and romantic because of your use with color and its relationships.
Your Camerupt seems more like a recolor conducting lightning bolts and erupting ice over a retype and to me it seems a bit too safe. I would probably give it a bit more features (i.e. an ice-like crown, replace its circles with bolt strikes, etc) so it looks a bit more like a retype.
Hope this advice helps and have fun!
@bluehoundoom the cameruptsmy favourite piece here! It's so... Good ! I really like the use of different colors for the shading and you drew the lightning really well! How long did it take?
Thanks a lot for all the feedback! I noticed that I haven't really answered anyone lately, so Here goes:

Yeah, now that you mention it, the green spots in drifloons hearts are a bit disturbing. I think it would be better with a darker green, though.

@Furosuto & Kadew
Heh, Perspective and lineart has alwas been a bit hard for me. But I'm avare of it and will keep practicing on it!

Thanks, I have practiced a lot lately. I agree that the camerupt is a bit safe, I will try to be a little bit more creative/brave next MAC. :P

Thanks! I checked out your art thread, and it's really nice as well! Got some awesome colours going! The pictures I draw usually takes around two and a half hour, and the Camerupt is no exception. I don't always draw for two hours straight thou.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last night I drew this Frokie!

I am awfully proud of it.
Since I need some practice and since the summer is upcoming, I will start to take requests! feel free to drop them. I can't guarantee what media I will make them in, but I will do my best to fulfill your wishes.
Long summer, little time of, still much drawing done. And some improvement, at least in my opinion)

Volcarona w oil pastelles and ink:

Hariyama w ink:

Malamar w ink:

Contribution for MAC. Thanks everyone who voted for it! You're the top percentage of Smogonites in my heart!
You said your taking requests so could you draw me a character? His name is talon and he is from league of legends
Do you take requests :3
Oh! It has been like a year since I posted in Smeargles studio, but sure! I take requests. I will try to paint Talon during the weekend. Talisheo, just state your request and I will do my best. =)
In recently bought a art pad, and I am getting used to it. I do not feel as confident as I do with traditional media, but I think I learn fast.

Anyway, the goal of this one was to paint a Gardevior using Wonder Room.


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