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Energy submitted
Runnin’ Down A Dream - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tom petty’s a weird artist for me. I love love love Mary Jane’s Last Dance (possibly my most played song?), but everything else is super meh. I’ve definitely heard this song before so let me give it a closer listen this time.

The biggest thing that jumps out at me is the repetition of the 8 note riff through the entire song, in its original form and in the form of an acoustic guitar strum that keeps with the rhythm. It appears at the end of I think every single line except the lines directly before the chorus, and then pretty much every bar in the instrumental verses. For me, this is overdone to the extreme. You can go through this song and see how many times this is repeated. I suspect the number will be over 50, and in a song that lasts 4:24 that’s just too much, especially since the riff didn’t appeal to me in the first place.

I guess that’s my number 1 complaint in the song. The solo at 3:16 is sick and I love it. Tom Petty has a voice that I love as well. But I can’t add it because of how annoying the songwriting is to me. Still a like!

Thanks for submitting! I enjoyed listening.
AJ submitted
Ron Hawkins - Peace and Quiet

First song submitted by AJ that I haven’t heard before. It’s close, but I think this track loses me on the vocals. Again it just sounds like the singer has a congested nose, I’m not sure what exactly is causing this perception. This is especially obvious at bits like 2:12/1:53. I don’t like any part of this singer’s range, even in the verses it just feels like this is a voice that I wouldn’t want to listen to because the singer sounds like he’s straining to hit easy notes and it just does not sound good to me. This can’t be his real voice, can it? This song would be great if, like, the guy from snow patrol sang it. Still good enough to warrant a like though. Thanks for submitting! I enjoyed listening.
Nuxl submitted
Saba - Photosynthesis

Mhm-hm, yep, this is my favorite song submitted by nuxl so far. Starting from the first verse at 0:17 we get a real sense of where this song is going: relaxed, easy to listen to, varied, atmospheric. The female vocals are exactly what I want: a little bit hoarse, a little bit rasp, effortless and emotional. The chorus at 1:30 generates this layer of wonderful sound that generates depth. The rap verse at 1:43 is something I really enjoy where it’s melodic and low and slow. The voices really complement the background track and production really well. It’s a pity I only have access to Spotify right now: I’d love to listen to a hifi version of this. Thanks for submitting! I enjoyed listening.

Update two weeks after initial submission: I've been listening to this song so damn much. This song is first on my spotify songs list right now, but also I just love the voice and the atmosphere of this piece. What a hit.

so this is thematically very relevant for u

i picture u(edited)

despondently looking out over the mountainscape

lamenting your decisions

your only solace being smash

and you need some musical accompaniment

to put to words

ur melancholy mood

so you put this on

Duskfall submitted
A Spaceman Came Travelling - Chris De Burgh

A Spaceman Came Travelling - Chris De Burgh Every bit of this song is perfect to me. I have not heard Chris de Burgh before but he has such a wonderful, soft, fascinating, emotional voice. I’m a sucker for singer songwriters like Billy Joel and Elton John, and I suppose I’ll have to add this guy to that list. The song builds to a climax wonderfully, but even if it didn’t I would’ve been very happy with it. It’s obvious to me that the singer really cares about each word that he’s singing and the inflection on every syllable. The attention to detail in the vocals really makes this track for me. Thanks for submitting! I enjoyed listening.
Da Letter El submitted
The Newfound Interest In Connecticut - The Computers Stopped Exchanging Information

Yes this song is incredibly atmospheric and epic. It reminds me of radiohead for some reason, actually? I'm loving the layering and the percussion and the feeling of size and despondent loneliness that it evokes.
Honestly, this song checks so many boxes that it's hard to explain why it's not on my list. I guess reason 1 is a lack of vocals, which is important for me in a song like this. Second reason is that it really just does get too loud sometimes at 4:21 and 6:13, and I wish that there were more dynamics in the song (I will possess your heart by death cab for cutie is my favorite long song because of how slowly and softly it starts). I also suppose I'm betraying some of my more basic tastes here in that this song really requires me to listen to it actively to get the most out of it.
I dunno. I listened to this on the train and didn't think much of it. Now I listened to it again and I like it a lot more. I'll listen to this again tomorrow and see what I think. Very close to being an add.
Texas submitted
Agalloch - The Lodge

I got bored at around 2:40, not gonna lie. Here's my take on music, right. If you have a song that based around layering on a simple riff, you need vocals. It's like how salt is necessary to cut through a dish that's too fat. Without it, your song is way too monotonic and doesn't evoke the right emotions.
But then the electric comes in at 3:00 and suddenly I take back everything I said above. Oh man this sounds good. Especially at 4:10 in the outro. I really wish this instrument came in earlier?! I wish it lead a melody or something during the course of the song.
Argh this song annoys me. The sound is so good, I loved the start and the end, but it really just lost me in the middle because I felt like there was nothing there. I'll like it, I guess.
Stealthbomber16 submitted
Kamelot - A Sailormans Hymn

Fantastic vocals, great tune, lots of dynamics in the vocals. I really really wish there was more dynamics in the rhythm and melody.

All right, here's something about me and about my personality. I love great voices, I love atmosphere, I get bored really easily. With a song at this pace, I need some kind of emotion or at least variation to keep me interested. The tune is good. The first 2 minutes is fantastic, voice is great, but he and his melody are very one-tone...

Argh, this one is tough. I think I'll add it for the voice and for the strings. I am not a fan of this songwriting. It reminds me of christian rock?? There's seriously a single verse that's repeated for 4 minutes. Gah this song, lmao

So, as usual, all songs with embedded video in their description were added. Let me show you a song submitted by VuvuzelaBzz from my childhood.

I don't want to review this song. I love Trains. Everything about this song is great. The solo at 2:20. The voice. The way this song is melancholic with a beat and artfully emotional. It's fun to listen to and it brings me back to high school when I listened to this song on the bus ride home late, late after night at a time when I was enjoying a newfound sense of independence.
Oddish. submitted
Strange Magic - ELO

Honorary add because right after this song, spotify played Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne which was a quick and easy add.

This song falls flat for me. ELO has made a lot of my favorite songs (Mr Blue Sky, Livin Thing, So Serious, Sweet Talkin Woman). This one...I dunno. A little bit repetitive? Doesn't really make me feel much?
Lectrys submitted

I definitely wrote a review for this already but I cannot find it and honestly I need to go back to sleep so I'm going to review this again at a later point in time.

I listened to it at mornings on the train. I have weird listening habits for classical music and find that I enjoy it the most when it's the first thing I listen to in the morning. This piece is relaxing, refreshing, somehow calming despite it's uplifting tempo. It's not being added to my playlist because my playlist is for general listening, but I did very much enjoy this song and thank you ALL for submitting songs to me 2 weeks ago!
Snype submitted Wax Fang - Majestic

Oh my fucking god I can't believe I waited a month to listen to this song. This guy has a Freddie Mercury vibe. This sounds something out of a rock opera. When the solo starts at the 3 minute mark I'm completely into the vibe of the song. I actually can't get over how much this reminds me of how I felt the first time I listened to Queen. The song dives through grand commanding verses and folksy attitudes with ease. Each second feels important and irreplaceable to the song.

Try listening to the verse starting at 2:30 focusing only on the drums and the instrumentals. Then watch as the voice of the lead singer bridges into a wonderful guitar solo and brings it back with a voice that's so powerful it nearly overshadows everything that came before it. The one minute of song between 2:30-3:30 is fucking incredible. Thanks for showing me this.

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